Is media playing a responsible role in maintaining the liberty and equality in our democratic country?

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  • No, the media's skewing of facts has reached unacceptable levels.

    Responsibility seems to be a word that the media seems to be unaware of. Emphasis gets placed more on sensationalized stories and opinions rather than facts. Instead of informing us on what is going on in the world, they mean to spread fear and distract us from the actual problems that we, as citizens are facing. We deserve facts, and that should not be news to the media.

  • The media aren't in the equality business.

    The goal of the media in our modern age is turn a profit for its owners. The media achieves this goal by peddling its main product -- fear. Fear of our neighbors, shadowy criminals who might do us harm, our government, our food supply, of anything that is different from us. Liberty and equality just don't get good returns these days.

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