• Yes, people need it

    With the growing problems with private insurance companies, the idea that a public, non-profit insurance could make health care affordable for a much larger group is a great thing. I know people hate the idea of government run health care, but as long as there is a choice, I think that this expansion could help many people who need it.

  • Indeed.

    Expansion of the Medicaid program is a good thing, and a step forward for America. It's one step closer to universalized healthcare, a right that every person should have. Being healthy is not a privilege, but a right, and Medicaid being expanded upon does nothing but help to progress that right.

  • Yes.

    Medicaid expansion is just another step towards universalizing healthcare and allowing all citizens of the United States to fully access their right of affordable healthcare. There is no reason to attempt to deny the many people who cannot afford healthcare otherwise their rights as a human being to healthcare in order to live their lives.

  • Yes

    Access to quality healthcare is a serious problem in the United States. Anything that increases access should be encouraged. Not only is it, you know, the moral and decent thing to do, it's also beneficial towards society as a whole. The healthier we are, the better we can live and produce.

  • Trying to AVOID Medicaid

    I don't believe Medicaid is as good as "regular" insurance because of limits on access to doctors, Hospitals, Etc. In my state I make every effort to have enough income to avoid medicaid. Why? Because if I qualify for medicaid, I do not qualify for health insurance subsidies on "regular" insurance. Expanding Medicaid would force me into an insurance program that I want even less than obamacare. Why restrict people's options even more than the current system?

  • Medicaid Expansion leads to Unemployment.

    Medicaid will keep many beneficiaries in poverty because it creates strong disincentives for work. Members of the National Bureau of Economics Research have shown that Medicaid expansion will result in a massive and lasting reduction in employment. Low-income earners without children were previously ineligible for Medicaid however under the terms of the new Medicaid expansion will expand coverage to this demographic. The studies have shown that loss of public health insurance has pressured this demographic of people to search for jobs and encouraged them to find other means of health insurance and thus stimulated employment growth. According to the National Bureau of Economics Research if full Medicaid expansion is successful than 511,000 to 2.2 million people will become unemployed dropping the labor force participation rate (percentage of America civilian population working) by 1%. We can see that even the Congressional Budget Office which is pushing the Medicaid expansion has stated that Medicaid expansion would be detrimental to the supply of labor in the United States of America.

  • Costs are costs

    I am curios how this program is good for any state. Cost of insurance to anyone is expensive and the federal money will only last a couple years then the states will have to provide this expensive program forever. Please tell me how this helps. Higher taxes will be required to pay for this program.

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