• Medicaid Expension Is Essential

    I believe Medicaid expansion is essential to making the Affordable Health Care Act workable. Medicaid expansion will help the lower income classes obtain the insurance they are now required by law to purchase. For people like me, who barely make enough money to pay the bills, it is impossible to buy any insurance, therefore I have to pay a penalty. And because the state I live in has not passed Medicaid expansion, I still can not receive health care beyond what I can afford out of pocket and I still have to pray that I don't become sick.

  • Medicaid expansion is good for America.

    Medicaid expansion is good for America. Anything that we can do to assist the people in America that truly need help, then I am all for it. It seems right that we do whatever possible to assist in the funding of these projects. I believe Medicaid and other government benefits should be expanded.

  • Yes, Medicaid expansion is good for America

    If Medicaid were to expand then this would mean that more underprivileged Americans would be able to get healthcare when they need it the most. For example, say a single, pregnant woman is looking to have her baby. She cannot afford insurance and is afraid she will end up in serious debt after she has her child because of her hospital care bills. If Medicare expanded and covered her, she would have little to no worries because it would make her hospital stay more affordable and easier for her to carry the load.

  • I believe so!

    The more Americans that have insurance, the better our lives can be. More people can take care of themselves and prevent diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Pregnant women can seek much needed medical care so their baby has all the advantages that people with private insurance have. I believe the expansion of Medicaid would help many Americans.

  • Low income people need health care

    Being a person on Medicaid I am in favor of expanding the program. I am only on it because I have a young child. I am scared what will happen to me when she gets older and I wont be able to receive medicaid with all my mental and physical disabilities. I think I should be able to be on medicaid just because I am mentally ill not because I have a young child. Low income people need help too. As of right now hardly anyone qualifies for medicaid, maybe if they expanded who qualifies all these mentally unstable people would be getting the healthcare they need instead of going on shooting sprees.

  • Too many people cheat it

    Too many people cheat medicaid I have seen people with expensive electronics with medicaid, 99% of the people who have it do not need it at all, they just don't want to work and they live off the government, they should really check these people that have it and see if they have smartphones and any expensive electronics.

  • No expansion is dangerous

    I do not think that Medicaid expansion will help America right now. There are a lot of issues with the system and it does need to change. However if we expand the system right now the price that is going to be paid by so many people is not something we need right now.

  • No, there is too much already.

    No, Medicaid expansion is not good for America, because there is too much Medicaid already. Those who receive this assistance have no reason to purchase medical insurance for themselves. They have no incentive to look for a job that would offer medical benefits. Also, doctors are paid so little for treating Medicaid patients, that Medicaid patients often have a hard time finding doctors.

  • Medicaid Expansion Does Not Help Americans

    Medicaid expansion is not good for America and is not helpful to the American public. Instead of funding Medicaid programs for those who qualify, the government should look toward uniform health care which supports the American people entirely. Every American deserves access to health care, but programs are abused. Medicaid expansion will not help the American people, but looking at other systems may be helpful.

  • I don't think so.

    People need to learn to take charge of their health and stop depending on the government for their survival. Increased government involvement raises the prices of healthcare, and raises insurance premiums for those that can afford it. The real problem is the cost of healthcare not lack of government welfare programs.

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