Is medical advice on heart attack prevention usually vague and unhelpful

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  • Articles tend to describe possible symptoms in such a way that if everyone followed them to the letter we'd have a hypochondria epidemic

    For instance this article basically advises that anyone who ever experiences symptoms of indigestion should go to the ER because it could be a heart attack.

    I get that only treating Hollywoodesque symptoms as a real emergency would be unwise, but if everyone followed this article's and several others I've seen then there would be a hypochondria epidemic. I don't know anybody at any age who doesn't experience indigestion once in a while.

    Is there anything that proposes anything even close to coming to a happy middle ground that can be relied upon consistently without becoming a hypochondriac? I get that sometimes symptoms really are that vague, but no one is going to go by a set of rules that would have them running to the ER once or twice a week because of indigestion. If they want to keep people safe they should propose more specific guidelines.

  • No, it's not helpful enough

    You can eat a healthy diet and exercise as much as you want, but you can still have a heart attack. Diet isn't the only factor of preventing heart attacks. Some people are born with heart problems, and stress and strong emotions can bring them on too. Most doctors seem to think diet is the best prevention. Wrong!!

  • If you would listen, it would be very helpful

    Many heart attacks come from a poor diet. A lot of salt in your diet will increase your chances of having a heart attack. When you have a heart attack and you go to the doctor, he will tell you that you need to eat better foods, and maybe exercise more often. Maybe a couple of other things too. While this is vague, it leads the mind to specific ways to implement this.
    The only reason doctor's help won't be helpful is because you fail to understand or implement what he tells you.

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