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  • No, I think medical care is a right.

    I think that every human should have equal chance to be able to lead a healthy life and receive the appropriate medical care that they require, I don't think medical care should be free but I believe that it should be a right to receive it if you need it.

  • It is a right.

    This is a weird question to ask. Why shouldn't medical care be a right if it has been shown that even under-priveleged, third world countries can afford it. I have been through all of South America, and even in the poorest of areas there was free healthcare. It's a right.

  • Medical care should be a right

    Medical care should be a human right within countries rich enough to afford to give it to everyone. If everyone is allowed emergency room care, then it makes sense to give everyone at least basic or catastrophic care to keep expenses down for everyone. Premium medical care is always going to be a privilege of the upper class, but basic or barebones care should not be.

  • Medical care is a human right.

    Medical care is a right. I don't really care if you live in a developed, developing, or Third World nation, access to basic medical treatment is a right. Access to advanced medical treatment, when available, should also be a right. I just cannot comprehend how some people would be so cruel and heartless to say otherwise.

  • It Is A Right

    I believe medical care is a right. I believe the basis for the medical field is to help, not hurt society. I believe doctors and health care professionals have forgotten the point of their services and I think they have become far too concerned with the all mighty Dollar. While this obsession with money has clouded the health care field I think it is important for soceity to remember that we were all created equally.

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