Is Medical Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Patients Suffering from Severe / Chronic Pain?

  • Military related back pain.

    I am a veteran Marine who has developed back issues while serving. This pain is tolerable now, but for someone who is in their twenties I worry how much worse it will get as I age. I can turn to over the counter pain killers which help but I fear taking them daily because of the damage to the liver and kidneys. I have known two people who have died taking prescribed pain pills one of which did not abuse them but was given pills that should not have mixed. I find that when I smoke the pain is relieved for the day even after the high goes away. I have done a lot of research and it seemed clear that marijuana was the safest of drugs that help relieve pain. If it was legal in my state I would not smoke it but most likely buy edibles so I would not damage my lungs. I do have to say with my moderate smoking I don't see the harsh effects I see with cigarette smokers.

  • Yes marijuana is an effective treament.

    Yes marijuana is an effective treatment that has helped many people suffering from serve/chronic pain. It can help alleviate many symptoms and can even increase apatite's in those who no longer have the urge or will to eat due to the medical treatments they have to endure to help pro long their lives.

  • Medical Marijuana Helps Chronic Pain

    Medical research has proven that medical marijuana works for chronic pain. Many patients have come forward and shared their experiences with marijuana and it's effects on chronic pain. Marijuana is also a better alternative than many pain killers available on the market today, because many of those are narcotics. Marijuana is a safer alternative.

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