• It's Safe For Children

    I believe that medical marijuana is safe for children to use and should be used if needed. If someone is using medical marijuana, they have spoken to a doctor and they have made the decision that using marijuana can be beneficial to them. This is okay to me. I trust a doctor's decisions.

  • Medical Marijuana Is Safe For Children

    Medical marijuana is safe for children in the United States. It is much safer than some of the drugs that children are using today, and have easy access to. The first one being alcohol. Alcohol is much more dangerous, has greater immediate and long term effects, and causes tremendous social problems (including deaths) than illegal marijuana.

    Since marijuana is now becoming regulated as a pharmaceutical, producers have guidelines that they need to follow, I believe that this is much safer than the other drugs children have access to. Plus, the only way they can legally obtain it, is through a prescription.

    We should focus more on teenage alcoholism more than their marijuana use.

  • Yes, but leave it up to your doctor

    There are some questions but the media has reported on how it has helped some children with cancer deal with the real symptoms of their situation. There are some questions from an ethical perspective, but I think you need to leave it up to you and your doctor to deiced if its right.

  • No, my understanding is marijuana is too potent.

    My understanding of marijuana is that it would need to be a controlled substance even when used lawfully. It can have some benefits for pain and nausea but the side effects and addiction potential generate too high a risk of use by minors. The psychological effects of marijuana in my view may be the most dangerous element when considering children, as they are in their developmental years.

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