• Yes it is.

    I think medical tourism is beneficial for countries. It is the spreading of ideas that makes it extremely vital to the countries where it happens. I think it also inspires other countries to make medical advances. It is very important and I would suggest more areas be open to medical tourism.

  • They spend money.

    Yes, medical tourism is beneficial for countries, because medical tourism brings a lot of dollars into those countries. When a person is a medical tourist they and their family spend a great deal of money in the country. They have to pay for a hotel and meals while they are there.

  • Medical tourism is an idea whose time has come

    There are many different health care systems in the world, and the quality of the doctors vary by region as well. Medical tourism is a great idea because it relies on market-forces. Medical tourism can produce wonderful effects like making health care better everywhere. When people can shop, the practices that are most effective will become more successful and subsequently be adopted in other places which don't perform as well.

  • It's a race to the bottom.

    There is not a real benefit for countries when it comes to medical tourism. Remember, what you're basically getting here is visitations from people who want a service performed as cheaply as possible. They're not going to splash out on lavish hotels or anything else. It's just not a real benefit in the long run.

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