• Simply Yes.

    Meditation is a form of relaxation and balancing of mental processes. How could that not be good? It lets people calm down or focus on tasks at hand. It helps simulate the brain when we can just sit down and think about life or how to resolve problems. It works for the Buddhists monks and master martial artists.

  • Meditation is Beneficial !

    I do not meditate often but when I have I firmly feel it releases many things that allow for us to not only relax, but to be better focused on things. In the fast paced lives that we all live there is no real time for downtime. By Meditating we can have all the downtime in the world in a lesser amount of time actually necessary. We all should meditate from time to time, if we did so many might not be as sick as they are.

  • It always is

    Meditation is always beneficial and in many ways. Meditation helps people to relax and center themselves. In doing this, it causes the body to lower it's blood pressure and stress levels. It helps with a person's mood, which helps many things, including personal relationships and work relationships. Many people believe that meditation also helps them keep up their immunity and get sick less often.

  • Yes, meditation is beneficial.

    Yes, I believe meditation is very beneficial. For thousands of years, meditation has been practice by people all over the world for a number of reasons like to stay healthy, achieve some peace of mind, and relieve stress. Science has proven time and time again that meditation does help people in all of these aspects.

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