• Not even a contest

    , of course Megadeth is better. Megadeth has way more better album than Metallica. Metallica has their first four albums, where as Megadeth has killing is my business, peace sells, sfsgsw, rust in peace, countdown to extinction, youthanasia, the system has failed, United abominations, endgame, and thirteen. Also megadeth is way more talented. Megadeth has Dave Mustaine, and kiko louriero, and had Chris Poland, Marty Friedman, Chris Broderick, gar Samuelson, nick Menza, and shown drover. These are all very talented musician who worked with Megadeth at one point all of whom are better than James het field, Kirk waaahhmet, and Lars ulrich. Yes to be fair Metallica had cliff burton, and has Robert Trujillo, but never a virtuoso guitarist. Also Metallica went mainstream with there music, with the black album, load and reload. They also had just bad albums in general, like st anger, death magnetic, and lulu. Metallica's production sucks, no bass, poor mixing, over compression, etc. Megadeth may have gone through a commercial phase, but mainstream Megadath songs include, go to hell, trust, and insomnia, where as mainstream Metallica includes, poor twisted me, and Ronnie. Both Megadeth, and Metallica have variety, but megadeth's variety includes, high speed thrash, melodic thrash, speed metal, thrash with prog metal, and semi groove metal(sort of), where as Metallica is catchy heavy metal, hard rock, nu metal, and Lou reed. People may say that Metallica was better in their prime, but consider this they were more successful in their prime then megadeth, which stems from them being one, more mainstream(for a thrash band) and, two, having Dave mustaine of Megadeth . People may also say that Dave mustaine is a jerk, but he is not, and I know for a fact because my uncle(he does lightning for live shows) worked with megadeth, and he says that they are the nicest guys. Metallica on the other hand,napster, some kind of monster, hetfield vs ulrich. Finally recent material is better on the Megadeth side. United Abominations, endgame, thirteen, all awesome. Metallica had death magnetic and lulu. Death magnetic, was liked by some, but wasn't really good, and lulu, was noise rock, spoken word, experimental rock, avante garde rock. So to rap it up, Megadeth more talent, better track record, less jerky members, better production, and better recent material.

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