• Yes, on Memorial Day we honor the fallen.

    Memorial Day is more important because on that day we honor those who have fallen in combat. Both holidays are important are important to be sure, but I would have to say the deceased are more important in this case than the living. In essence, Memorial Day is for the families left behind.

  • It's more important, but not for the reasons the holidays were created.

    There's no way one can gauge which holiday is most important purely in terms of our veterans.
    In terms of our economy and travel, Memorial Day is most important
    Memorial Day weekend is a very common travel weekend. Law enforcement officers must be more prevalent than usual due to the traffic at airports and on our highways and interstates.
    It's also a big shopping weekend because of Memorial Day sales. There are Veteran's Day sales as well, but combined with the high levels of travel on Memorial Day, it makes it a more important holiday.

  • Both are important holidays.

    I don't believe that Memorial Day is more important than Veteran's Day. Both holidays celebrate our country's brave heroes who gave their lives for us. Without these brave men and women, in both the past and present, serving our country, we would not be able to live in freedom and safety as we do. I think that both holidays should be considered equally important.

  • Holiday importance depends on personal opinions and experiences.

    Memorial Day is no more important than Veterans Day, or any other holiday, in general. Each holiday may hold special importance to certain people, based on their previous experience and beliefs, but overall the holidays are of equal importance. For example, a veteran may believe that Veterans Day is more important because of their personal connection to the holiday, but this does not mean that Memorial Day is any less important because another person may give it more significance. To a person with no personal affiliation with either holiday, the two might be considered interchangeable.

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