• Its a scam

    "mental" illness is a term coined by the weak as a sorry excuse to get more attention. "Depression" and "anxiety" when people have had a perfect life is a way that people make themselves feel special. These people need to grow up and realize that their lives could be a lot worse.

  • It's a myth

    Mental illness is fake and is just weak libleft arguments. All of them are pussy who want to be special, They should grow up instead of being sheltered like the weak feminine princesses they are. Things (bc they don't deserve to be called people) are why modern society is breaking down.

  • Mental illness is real.

    Saying that mental illness is a myth is like saying that
    birth defects and mental retardation are a myth. Mental illness is a chemical imbalance of the
    brain, and it is very real. There have been
    too many examples of mental illness throughout history for it to be a myth.

  • But it's far more complex and can't just be understood in terms of "chemical imbalance"

    It isn't just brain chemistry that contributes to a person's state of mind. One psychiatrist found out during his research that both his genetics and brain chemistry matched that of many serial killers. While he wasn't known for being particularly empathetic by his colleagues he clearly wasn't an evil psychopath either. This suggests that biology does not guarantee there will be a mental illness and likely has more to do with broader personality characteristics rather than always causing symptoms whenever there is a certain chemistry.

    And most people who get medicated will return to baseline if they don't also get talk therapy. In general people should be their natural selves and so research should be aimed more at helping people live happy, functional lives with the chemistry they have and not trying to change who they are on that fundamental of a level. Sometimes there's no other choice for managing symptoms but we should try to move towards non-drug therapies whenever possible.

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