• Psychiatric drugs make mental illnesses worse

    I have spoken to people who took psychiatric drugs. They told me they had stronger feelings of suicide and felt the urge to kill people for no random reason. Once they were off the drugs, they told me their suicidal thoughts and homicidal tendencies went away.

    Over 90% of mass shooters were on or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs. Doctors are even concluding that it is not so much mental illness that causes mass shootings, but psychiatric drugs.

  • Psych drugs cause the symptoms of the DSM disorders

    The ADHD drugs and antidepressant drugs are now known to cause "mania, suicides, and violence." This is included in the black box warnings on many of these drugs now. "Mania" is the only symptom needed for a "bipolar" diagnosis. And the medical evidence is in showing that long run antipsychotic medicated bipolar patients develop atrophy of the brain, exactly as seen in long run medicated schizophrenics. The antipsychotics cause "schizophrenia" outcomes.

  • Mental illness isn't caused by the medication prescribed for it

    Psychiatric drugs do not cause mental illness. They maybe over prescribed, but if the person truely needs the drugs they help a lot. Those medications are what turn someone who has hallucinations and delusions into functioning members of soceity. People who choose when to take their prescribed medicine shouldn't be used to describe a group of people.

  • No it is not.

    Mental illness is not caused by psychiatric drugs. Psychiatric drugs help treat mental illness. Mental illness is cause by deformities in the brain, and there is a lot of scientific evidence to support it. Without psychiatric drugs, patients who suffer from mental illness would be a whole lot worse off.

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