• Of course it is

    Now about the metal/screamo... Separate the two please. Screamo is bad, metal is good. If we look at metal, we can see that guitar, bass and drums are all real instruments. Therefore it is real music. And only 20% of metal is classified as screamo and in my opinion, metal is better with melodic vocals.

  • Freedom for the heart

    Music is all about letting out your emotions in the beat and words, we, the people who love it, love the emotion and energy it puts off makes us feel alive and free. Other people understand how we feel. I also need eleven more words sorry about this. See you.

  • Totally Why wouldn't it

    Why do you get to decide what is and isn't music. Not all metal/screamo music gives bad messages a lot of them have good messages like to stop cutting and have you ever heard of christian metalcore. Get educated and actually listen to the music before stating you're opinion ok.

  • Why isn't metal real music?

    Just because the males singers actually sound like men and everything is intensified does not mean metal is not music. Listen to the music and try to understand what is being said. Most bands sing about pain, government, having a good time with friends, love, anger, sadness, history, thoughts, ideas, religion, darkness, light, good bad, etc etc. Pop or "normal music" clubbing, getting laid, drinking, gang crap, etc etc. Just because you can't handle the music doesn't mean its not.

  • Yes, why wouldn't it be???

    The definition of music is vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Therefore by definition it is music.
    Also I'd like to say that the way some of it sung (aka screaming) doesn't change the fact that it is. It's no less music then rap, pop, or even country. Plus, I'd also like to add that the screaming and understanding it is an acquired thing. You either like it or you don't and there is no need to bash on it if you don't.

  • Of course it's real music!!!!!

    I a lot of the time don't understand why people would label this sort of music "emo" or thing like that. There are people that hate pop music. ( I am one of them) a lot of people now that used to listen to Metallica and sorts like that don't understand that the "punk, metal, scream" music came from bands like that. If you really listen to this kind of music you'll probably notice how deep and meaningful the lyrics are. They have to be based off of personal experience. And that's why so many turn to this kind of music cuz it has real meaning and it can help someone through so much.

  • Yesh! It is!

    "Screamo" music isn't satanic! There have been bands that have talked about helping people. They just do the screaming because it might be the only way it gets through to their fans. Everyone always says that "screamo" isn't good for the mind. Honestly, it is the rapping about sex and drugs that is rotting society's mind!

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees it is

    Metal and Screamo is nothing more or less than expression of any feeling, just like other music. The only difference is that it is in the form of screaming. Both are usually tied to hatred or dislike on problems in the world. People usually don't think it is good, even without really listening to it, because of the screaming, but they do so because they think screaming will be tied with pain and/or evil. That is why people sometimes think, excuse me for using this word incorrectly, it is only listened to by "Emos"

  • Yes, it's real music.

    Most metal artists are actually very talented singers who are able to hit every note in the face. Many make acoustic versions of their songs and cover other artists' songs and metalfy them which is pretty fun to listen to. Even screaming the way they do is very hard to sound good.

  • Death to all but metal.

    Metal and screamo are a form of music. Although most people do no like it, screamo/metal is a form of music. Society likes to take things and say it is not real or acceptable because they don't like or disagree with something such as gay marriage and music. Their is a a lot of emotion in screamo and are some deep lyrics. I hate pop music doesn't mean it's not a form of music.

  • NO. Its not.

    I get that people can be good at it but, music like that can lead people to do some bad stuff. Like cutting themselves or having a negative attitude towards the world. And other wise you cant really understand what thier saying. I dont want to anyway it scares me.

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