• Not my favorite band, But inside I feel it's ("objectively") best band ever.

    It's insane. Many years I thought it is overrated band (but really I just didn't know many of their songs) and now EVEN though it's not my favorite band (and I have many bands I listen more), There are just some metallica riffs/songs out of this planet, That makes me feel it's superior to anything else I know. It's not my favorite band, But I feel inside, That it's the best in technique/highest class music. I know and love more Pink Floyd followed by Black Sabath, Iron Maiden, I know and love more (than Metallica) many other bands, But Metallica is just. . . Magically boosted in my mind's music-talent'o'meter.
    Though still I will laugh jokes about Metallica and their fanboys : D

  • It is obvious.

    Metallica made every other band look weak when they hit the scene. Classic bands like Maiden, Priest, Ozzy, Sabbath, Whoever. Only Megadeth ever came close to Metallica in terms of awesomeness, But even they could not dethrone the masters. No one will ever top the first 5 Metallica albums, Ever. No more innovation is needed for metal music, And it is foolish for anyone to even try.

  • The GOAT!

    I’ve been listening to Metallica my whole life, So much so that my son loves the band as well. Metallica embraces multiple generations and continues to grow and yet still be Metallica. If they can make it through Napster they can make it through anything. Long live Metallica! ! !

  • Yes, but not by much

    Metallica chnaged the genre and made it popular. Yes they did technically sell out but they still have made great songs and even some really solid albums. Load is under appreciated and Death Magnetic had some great tracks on it. The band will never be as good as they were, but their first 4-5 albums chnaged the genre forever. The only reason i put them over Maiden, Slayer, or Priest is because there songs are relatable while other Metal bands write about mystical things and demons. The majority of their last couple of songs have been mediocre but they made some great songs since the Black Album. Bleeding Me, Hero of the Day, Memory Remains, Fuel, Unnamed Feeling, All Nightmare Long, Day that Never Comes, Hardwired, and Spit out the Bone are all classics and great. They can still make good music just not as great as they used to be. Still the best tho

  • Fuck yeah, no doubt

    They have been booming the metal business forever, even tho they have some more rock-ish songs, they are still fucking awesome. With James' amazing voice... Metallica no doubt has the best vocals out there for heavy metal. Fans produce so much energy and passion its absolutely ridiculous. Its incredible to see the passion in everyone, the concerts are roaring with screams.. Their music as also touched me personally as well as many others with songs such as Master Of Puppets, fade To Black, Nothing Else Matters, etc..

  • They are just the best.

    Look, ever since their first albums metallica has been booming to the top of the metal charts. The 80's was definitely their year and they got lots of fans were talking millions. Their songs were so good and thought out all you could do was jam out. 90's was a also a great year black album, load, reload every one loved it but they were getting bored. Early 2000's was a HUGE rough patch. Bassist left, st.Anger, nappster. But now they left that rough patch as a memory that lets not do this again so now there was no where to go but up. Soon after new album and now they were the only band to play in all 7 continents including Antarctica. They made a movie:through the never was a huge hit people loved it. Now their newest album came out and everyone excited that proves metallicas the best

  • God Of Metal

    Sabbath created the genre.Metallica perfected it.It's not at all like they are singing distorted gibberish with drop D tuning. With the melodic compositions and perfect harmony they clearly are masters of creation. James with his unique voice and rhythm skills, Kirk with his wah and killer solos, and cliff who sadly faced an untimely tragedy but not before becoming a legend of the bass. Lars by their standards lack a bit but that can be forgotten as together they created the greatest Metal band ever. Yes! Not only thrash! \m/ Rule ON!

  • Yes. Revolutionized Metal with balance of thrash and melody.

    Metallica is obviously the most well known metal band of all time. What made them so special was their original songs like "Fade to Black" and "One" which brought in softer elements of melody then hit you in the face with hard guitar riffs and vocals. Well all of their top heavy songs are amazing to me for some the softer balanced songs like those above had the power to bring people into the thrash metal genre as it can be an acquired taste. The more you listen to certain Metallica songs the more you dive into heavier songs like Master of Puppets and Battery. I've never felt such a powerful love for a band.

  • The best of all time...

    Everyone knows who Metallica is even if they don't listen to that style of Music. Album sales and longevity is what makes them the best big band ever. Just think about this. Metallicas first couple of albums never got any public play or air time. Only until the late 80s did this band really get any true air time.

  • Freedom, Invention, Craft

    Can't think of another band in my lifetime that's truly added something to the vocabulary of modern music, took as many risks, was as creative, touched and stayed with people - all along remaining themselves. Maybe the Pixies hit some of those marks, but Metallica are on a higher level.

  • Black Sabbath, Motörhead, and Dio are better.

    Yes, Metallica is a good band. They are the first, and best, thrash metal band. They are not, however, the best metal band overall. That distinction belongs to Black Sabbath. James Hetfield is a good singer. Ronnie James Dio has an increased vocal range and a more melodic voice in general. Metallica songs such as Master of Puppets and Fade to Black can't hold a candle to Ace of Spades.

    Let's face it, Metallica is overrated.

  • The most famous, the most successful but not metal enough to be the best.

    Although I like a lot of what Metallica has produced, they had to eliminate many metal characteristics from their sound to gather the fame and the fans they have today, and I'm not saying it is a bad thing, they do whatever they want but it also means that they compromised on what many other metal band didn't, so if you use for criteria their sales and fan base (which are largely non-metal fans) becomes unfair to bands like Iron Maiden which probably has a large metal fan base than Metallica. Although Metallica are trying to do metal albums again, bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Slayer and many others, play a much important role to the genre than Metallica. Nowadays Metallica is much more a Hard Rock band than a metal and should be aligned with the greats like AC/DC, Queen, Led Zeppelin...

  • No, it is not.

    Nothing in life can ever truly honestly be the "best". I may love the band, but my friend probably does not. The best would require everyone to agree upon it and have the same view. Music is based off a variety of tastes, that is why we have so many different genres.

  • No, they are not.

    Metallica, along with metal bands in general, require a specific taste for that kind of music. Personally, it is not my favorite thing to listen to. That does not mean they are bad, it just means my personality differs from someone who might like them. It would be unfair to call any one band the best band ever because there is always someone who does not like that type of music.

  • Metallica is not the best metal band ever.

    I love Metallica, and if you ask my husband, he would tell how much they rock. However, there are so many metal bands that fit the bill. I could name two dozen metal bands whom could be considered the best metal band ever. It is up to the listeners preference.

  • Not for everyone.

    No, I do not think that Metallica is the best metal band ever. They are a great band and I love a lot of their songs, and I am sure some people would consider them their favorite metal band ever. However, this is not going to be the case for everyone.

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