• Si, claro que si

    Now, without mentioning high fructose corn syrup, there's another reason why Mexican coke is better. Let's draw a comparison to beer. When was the last time you saw beer in a plastic bottle? I hope the answer is never. That's because the plastic lets flavor leech out through osmosis. It's permeable. Also, sunlight comes in and destroys the flavor. But, plastic is cheaper than glass, so American coke is in plastic. Mexicans, however, take soda seriously, and protect the flavor. So Mexican coke will be more flavorful.

  • Mexican coke rocks!

    Just try it ... It is the real original coca cola prior mid 1980s before the introduction of HFCS - yes High Fructose Corn Syrup us what HFCS stands for. HFCS is a sweetener created in a lab - and it comes from corn. It is cheaper than sugar in this country at least thanks to our government and its subsidies on corn. How does corn digest? Remember all those kernals the next day after taking your morning dump? It does not taste the same nor does it digest the same.

  • Mexican Coke is Better Tasting

    Overall Mexican Coke has a sweeter less tangy taste and has cane sugar instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup. Also U.S. Coke might be bought twice as more than Mexican coke, but Mexican coke is twice as popular. Not to mention that in NYC it's at $5 a bottle or piece.

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