• Yes, Mia Farrow is crazy.

    Why is she still friends with Roman Polanski? I am in my 50's and all my life I have seen the crazy stories about her from when Frank married her. Look online for the Valentine she gave to Woody in 1992, it is very scary, something out of a Lifetime movie.

  • Mia Farrow is crazy

    When I say crazy, I mean neurotic at its deepest point or maybe out and out psychotic. Look at her love life: ever a Joe Schmuck? No. Rich and powerful. Previn, Sinatra and Allen. Did anything stop her from getting into these affairs if the guys were married or in relationships? No. Did she use these guys? All of them to go up the fame and showbiz ladder. What she hated worse than anything with Woody Allen was getting into a situation where she would no longer be the diva of his movies. All that mixed adoptive brood: what for? To get in the papers basically. To prove that she was a good person, better than others. I think she envied her beautiful mother because she was not beautiful herself neither inside nor out. A train wreck

  • Remember when Mia cut off all her hair with Frank Sinatra broke up with her?

    I do and even now, remember it as a sign that she was emotionally unbalanced. How was she able to adopt so many children, given her emotional instability that most likely are a result of bad parental influences from her actress mother who had problems of her own. The bar must have been lower than they are now for adopting children ... She chose children who came from horrible situations which gave them a chance to escape such life which was admirable but she also subjected them to alot of emotional abuse when she wanted them to side with her over the Allen divorce, rather than keep her opinons to herself and her adult friends.

  • She has notorious Borderline tendencies and prolly recurrent psychotic behaviors. Viz. Agitated Depression ( Axis I); BPD (A\xis II).

    What parent would put this garbage into public view--regardless of truth ???
    The kids end up scarred, traumatized, and warped --and are forced to pick sides in a situation where adults have trouble understanding what exactly happened. Any Mother than "Scorches the Earth" with her children's psyche, has to be mentally ill. Borderline fits the bill, the most. Woody is no father of the year, but he has not thrown the kids on the pyre of this never ending failed relationship. Mia has a long line of failed relationships--before and after Woody. She is triggered by rejection, and goes psychotic in response. All by herself.

    Ask any practicing Psych how many Borderlines they will treat at one time (if any at all) and the answer is always " as few as possible, as they are so demanding, unpredictable, volatile, psychotic, irrational, and violent".
    Just look at how the kids are forced into this cabal of crap, that once was a family. That is the true sadness--another generation of Class I, Grade A, f*cked up people. I would have removed the children from both parties, under the cause of Extreme Cruelty and Exploitation.

  • More likely than not

    It seems that two of her nannies accused her of forcing them to lie in her favor against W. Allen. He is probably not a saint, but she is definitely doing her part to match him. It is after all a weird family, that one, and I wouldn't be surprised to find, as another commenter here said, that she'd been planting false memories - that would be extremely twisted, though, and too bad for the Farrow kids.

  • Yes, Mia Farrow is crazy.

    I think that Mia Farrow is crazy. Something about her just seems to tell me that she isn't all completely there. I think that she has some personal issues that she needs to deal with. I also think that a lot of her problems are due to her relationship with Woody Allen.

  • "crazy"people are institutionalized more often than not

    She seems to be rather steady in her career, family life, social behavior and activism, she is very typical of her generation in her beliefs. She is doing well for someone with her kind of background- (dysfunctional hollywood family). Her mother was very charming. Siblings not doing so well sadly

  • No, she is intresting.

    No, I do not believe that Mia Farrow is crazy. I believe she is a kind a caring person. I also believe she cares about her family and want to keep them safe. So what if she has different ideas or dresses differently then other people she has substance and what counts.

  • No, I dont think so

    I think she display crazy behavior,but I don't think she is out of her mind. I think Hollywood can put alot of pressure on people,but she still has her own thoughts. I think she has her issues and the hole Woody Allen thing was strange,but she will eventually just fade away.

  • She's not crazy, but she's probably not sane.

    I think that she was very bitter and angry when Woody Allen divorced her. I think that she's done a lot of things to try to avenge the fact that he dumped her, including planting false memories of molestation in their daughter. Which makes her not crazy, but rather pathetic.

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