• Borderline Personality Disorder

    I believe Mia has BPD. This would explain much of her bizarre, Unhinged behavior over her lifetime. It would especially explain her splitting Woody Allen black, Making him out to be a monster when she discovered him cheating on her with her adopted daughter. Within the context of BPD this makes complete sense.

  • Never Psychoanalyze Someone You Haven't Met. . .

    . . . That being said I have met someone just like how Mia Farrow is described and also presents herself, My own mother.

    Physically and verbally abusive, Very obsessed with keeping appearance even though everything about her was a total train-wreck, And emotionally extortionate.

    Two divorces, First my father then my stepfather. She made me hate my father, Even fearing for my life when he was around, Now as an aging man I deeply regret that having gotten to known him as an adult and knowing he's nothing like the monster she made me believe he was just some poor man who lost access to his children because the woman he married decided to turn them against him.

    Then years later, She broke up with my stepfather, And that's when I realized what was going on with her. Now old enough to see that what she did to me years earlier she was now doing to my younger half-brother, Manipulating him in every sinister way possible to hate and fear his own father.

    A man who'd also been like a father to me, Much more of a parent than my own mother ever managed to be, And when I confronted her with this when it dawned on her that I was no longer susceptible to her manipulative and extortionate ways. . .

    I was emotionally shunned, Still to this day even, From thereon out only my little brother mattered and she obsessed over him beyond anything natural, To the point where he too eventually had to escape her hovering above him shadowing him every given chance.

    When I read Moses' blog, I recognized so much from my own childhood, The methods were different but the patterns more or less equal, And my assessments growing up having to cope with that origin as an adult too, I found everything he claimed very relatable.

    I don't think anyone who hadn't lived what I lived, Could be that credible. I believe he's telling the truth.

    We will never know of course, We shouldn't claim to know either, But yeah I don't think she's a truthful person and I've seen myself and even experienced personally how easily children are coached so I'll just leave it at that.

    I believe Moses, Woody and Soon-Yi to be truthful and credible, And I can't even believe that this miniseries is allowed to be aired as it's so conveniently orchestrated, One-sided and utterly biased.

    It's a character-assassination, A vendetta, Not a documentary.

  • Mia Farrow is psychologically damaged

    As someone who was a fan of the longtime artistic collaboration between Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, I can only conclude that Farrow is psychologically damaged. While Allen has a history of dating younger women, I do not think he is a pedophile. Nor has he been proven one in a court of law. However, It appears that Farrow wants to try her "case" in the court of public opinion. I think she has succeeded. Allen's reputation is likely beyond saving. All the while, Farrow omits facts that would cast her in a negative light, Such as: stealing her best friend's husband (Andre Previn); allowing her brother (an actual pedophile) to visit her children; physically, Verbally, And emotionally abusing her children; being closely associated with the suicide of two of her children; and becoming estranged from other of her children, Once they reached adulthood and escaped her household. She has left a trail of many broken lives that she supposedly wanted to "fix" with love.

  • Likely untreated Histrionic Personality Disorder

    Instability of Mood
    Inappropriate rage/anger
    History of unstable relationships
    Splitting-Lack of object constancy
    Drama triangles
    Needs to be center of attention
    Victim role
    Psychotic episodes during periods of high stress
    Engages in black & white thinking
    Poor boundaries
    Inability to understand or empathize with how her own behavior is damaging to her children

  • Mia Farrow is a warped narcissist

    Mia has a documented history of odd, Disturbing behavior in all her relationships before Woody Allen. She has a fragile ego, Personality disorders (narcissism, Borderline personality), And a paranoid persecution complex. This is an estimation based on her public behavior. She also seems to have a near psychopathic obsession with controlling & indoctrinating her children into a shared delusion to facilitate revenge on Woody Allen. She has a compulsion to hurt Allen for rejecting her. She couldn't handle being spurned by Allen, So she became consumed by a compensatory fantasy that Allen abused their children, Thus absolving herself of responsibility for being a lousy wife and mother. She inflicted this delusional belief system on her children, Brainwashing them to support her self-serving alternate reality. And she tried to take extreme legal vengeance on Allen. Unfortunately for her, The legal investigation completely exonerated Allen and revealed her own toxic behavior toward both Allen and their children. Having lost her battle with Allen in the world of evidence and due process, She devoted herself to manipulating her children to turn them into weapons against Allen. In this quest, She succeeded. Ronan became a "journalist" who had been thoroughly shaped and indoctrinated by Mia's motives, Goals and fantasies. He succeeded in condemning Allen the kangaroo court of popular opinion, Long after his mom failed in the court of the law and evidence. Mia remains a nut case, And her other son, Moses, Strongly supports Allen's innocence. However, Allen has effectively been cancelled by Ronan's toxic efforts. Mia created a "Woody-killer" in Ronan by brainwashing (psychologically abusing) him. Her willingness to sacrifice her children's healthy, Independent for revenge on Allen is proof that Mia is a narcissist who cannot think beyond her own needs and desires. Unfortunately, Mothers do have the power and opportunity to brainwash their children. Mia is a textbook example if the Bad Mother who inflicts her mental disorders upon her children.

  • Calculating, Controlling, Manipulative, Abusive.

    As an actress in Hollywood, Mia Farrow had a reputation of being difficult, And prone to erratic temper tantrums. No one wanted to hire her. She met Allen. He revived her career, And they were a power couple for a short time. Like Brad and Angelina. (Yeah really) When Allen left Farrow for her college age daughter. Mia was devastated and unleashed all of her anger and humiliation on him by accusing him of molesting his own children. Of which he was acquitted. Her behavior during that time period can be remembered as unhinged. She sent Allen Valentine's, Of a family picture of them all with turkey skewers stuck in the heart of every family member.

  • Mia is most likely crazy and dangerous

    In 1992, The Yale-New Haven Hospital team investigating the alleged molestation of Dylan Farrow found inconsistencies in her statements, Lack of spontaneity, And the impression of repeating something learned. They stressed that Dylan felt that she had to solve her mother's problems, And indicated that the relationship between Farrow, Dylan and Satchel was very disturbed and required immediate intensive psychotherapy.

  • Her numerous family issues (both in childhood and in adulthood) suggest the possibility. . .

    She begat the son of the devil for crying out loud. That has to take its toll on the psyche. Plus having Ruth Gordon as a neighbor can not of helped. RG attended funerals for recreation, Had a crush on Judd Hirsch, And lived with an orangutan -- not a good influence on someone with a predisposition to live in cloud kookyland.

  • Yes, Mia Farrow is crazy.

    Why is she still friends with Roman Polanski? I am in my 50's and all my life I have seen the crazy stories about her from when Frank married her. Look online for the Valentine she gave to Woody in 1992, it is very scary, something out of a Lifetime movie.

  • Mia Farrow is crazy

    When I say crazy, I mean neurotic at its deepest point or maybe out and out psychotic. Look at her love life: ever a Joe Schmuck? No. Rich and powerful. Previn, Sinatra and Allen. Did anything stop her from getting into these affairs if the guys were married or in relationships? No. Did she use these guys? All of them to go up the fame and showbiz ladder. What she hated worse than anything with Woody Allen was getting into a situation where she would no longer be the diva of his movies. All that mixed adoptive brood: what for? To get in the papers basically. To prove that she was a good person, better than others. I think she envied her beautiful mother because she was not beautiful herself neither inside nor out. A train wreck

  • "crazy"people are institutionalized more often than not

    She seems to be rather steady in her career, family life, social behavior and activism, she is very typical of her generation in her beliefs. She is doing well for someone with her kind of background- (dysfunctional hollywood family). Her mother was very charming. Siblings not doing so well sadly

  • No, she is intresting.

    No, I do not believe that Mia Farrow is crazy. I believe she is a kind a caring person. I also believe she cares about her family and want to keep them safe. So what if she has different ideas or dresses differently then other people she has substance and what counts.

  • No, I dont think so

    I think she display crazy behavior,but I don't think she is out of her mind. I think Hollywood can put alot of pressure on people,but she still has her own thoughts. I think she has her issues and the hole Woody Allen thing was strange,but she will eventually just fade away.

  • She's not crazy, but she's probably not sane.

    I think that she was very bitter and angry when Woody Allen divorced her. I think that she's done a lot of things to try to avenge the fact that he dumped her, including planting false memories of molestation in their daughter. Which makes her not crazy, but rather pathetic.

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