• Nanny Bloomberg is watching you.

    "Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy."
    H.L. Mencken

    Former New York City Michael Bloomberg has largely made it his late political goal to remove personal choice from his fellow citizens. Mr. Bloomberg is a throwback to an ancient idea of the feudal lord who dictates the lifestyle of his peasants, and does not follow the ideal of individualism.

    Mr. Bloomberg may not religiously be a puritan, but his ideals are archaically puritan in nature. From his crusade against individual choice, one can almost feel the ancient chains of the state once again being placed upon the shoulders of freemen and women. He represents the worst aspects of the state, far from being a guiding light towards expanded freedom for the people, he is an aristocrat who believes he knows how to tell millions of individuals how they are to live their lives.

    Far from being a pioneer, Mr. Bloomberg is a throw back to the ideal spirit, one would find in the Prohibition Party.

    What is most surprising and perhaps disheartening for us in the modern world, is how few people have risen up against his bullying ways.

  • Most Powerful People Are

    The Big Brother types, as they think they know what is best for everyone. They are so successful that they think the route that they took will work for everyone. They then try to structure laws into.a certain format that forces people down the same path they took to become successful. The only problem is everyone is different and have their own ideas of what kind of path they want to take.

  • Don't drink a soda.

    Yes, Michael Bloomberg is a Big Brother, rather than a Pioneer, because he wants to control everything that people do. Bloomberg even thinks were are too unintelligent to know that drinking soda is bad for us. He made a law that we can only drink soda from very small cups. We do not need parents, just a mayor.

  • Michael Bloomberg is a Big Brother.

    I think the former mayor of NYC is more of a Big Brother type than a Pioneer. Even though he was not ass bad as a lot of people made him out to be, his policies and rule could be described as one that promoted some Big Brother type ideas.

  • He's Not Really Either

    I don't really think Michael Bloomberg is a Big Brother or a Pioneer. I believe he has implemented policy that both help and harm at the same time. He's simply another politician and business man who more than likely puts his efforts forward for his own gain. He has some far reaching policies but at the same time he's known as a philanthropist.

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