• Michael Bloomberg is correct that Obamacare is dysfunctional.

    if this was a perfect world, and if the United States ran a perfect government, the basics of Obamacare could possibly be a great thing. The way it was set up and the way it is being administered shows that Obamacare is dysfunctional. It has created a terrible system of healthcare.

  • It's made prices higher.

    Yes, Michael Bloomberg is right about Obamacare being dysfunctional, because all it has done is made prices higher for the people who are least able to pay insurance premiums. The average premium under Obamacare is $350. If a poor person could have afforded that, they would have before Obamacare. The difference now is that the poor person has to buy the insurance they can't afford.

  • Michael Bloomberg and Obamacare

    Michael Bloomberg is correct when he announces that Obamacare is dysfunctional. His statement is based off of polls taken and data he was given. The stats for Obamacare participants are low, and Obama doesn't seem to want to change the guidelines to make Obamacare affordable and without losing your current doctor. There are still errors on the Obamacare Website, which isn't being taken care of properly. Obamacare is an unpopular subject for democrats due to the fine that will be placed on them if they don't sign up. The policies need to change to make it become a useful tool as it was suppose to be when coming up with this hastened plan. With all of the facts that Bloomberg has about Obamacare, he isn't just making a hypothesis.

  • Disfunction caused by polictical opponents

    Obamacare, or the first step toward a health care system comparable to the rest of the first world, is a bad solution to a worse problem. Dysfunctional the system may be but at least the vulnerable are at last given AN option even one that is not ideal. We should be ashamed of how bad our health care system for all but the shareholders.

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