Is Michael Jackson the greatest entertainer that ever lived, as was stated at his funeral?

Asked by: Jasperodus
  • Michael Jackson is the King of all time.

    Not only is he the best entertainer but he is truly a king in Africa. He is the only artist ever to become a king in real life. This is something you can look up. Through his works and great deeds his entire life Michael has tapped into true royalty. There will never be another artist to take his thrown

  • No doubt about it !!!

    Of course MJ is the greatest entertainer ever.
    His MVs are incredible
    His dance moves are on another level
    His vocals are amazing
    One word to describe to MJ - 'Extraordinary'
    Michael has always put his heart and soul in everything he did !!

  • Is this really even a question???

    Michael was not only an amazing singer, but a humaitarian, great dancer, artist (in all meanings of the word artist), compassionate, humble & sweet. He was a beautiful person inside & out with so much love & art to give to the world. He broke records alive & in his death. He had over 30M views of his funeral. Scattered fans all over the world tuned into that funeral. The world was literally SHOOK! He was music royalty who could actually be close friends with Elvis Presley if he was alive. VERY seldom will the greatest living entertainer marry the daughter of a previous generations greatest entertainer (Elvis). He was the only artist who would've made bilions off of a worldwide tour if he was still alive. No other artist comes close to what he's capable of onstage. Hell, not many others are as giving & selfless as he was. He literally gave his soul to the world. His music is timeless as everyone of all ages can listen to it & they are classics that he wanted to make bc he wanted to leave a musical legacy instead of just 1 time hits. His music stands out on its own & is VERY diff from anyone else. No one has a fan base as MASSIVE as his. Beyonce is in the works, but if MJ was alive & touring no one would care about her. Coachella wouldn't have been Beychella... It would've been a full on MJ concert. A MASSIVE MJ concert. The artists playing there would've been HONORED to be playing in the same festival with such a huge legend.

  • The greatest ever

    Of course he was and forever will be the Greatest Entertainer That Ever Lived! He sold more records than any other male artist, the album Thriller is the Best Selling Album of all time in all the world with over 100 million copies sold worldwide! His other solo albums are listed as the biggest selling albums worldwide. HIStory is the best selling double album in the history of music. He recived most awards than any other artist on the planet. He recived most Guinness World Records certifications than any other artist. He was awarded "Artis of the Millennium" at the World Music Awards in 2000 and "Artist of the Century" at the American Music Awards in 2002 and "Artist of the Decade" at the White House by the President of United States George Bush Sr. In 1990. Did I have to continue?

  • Yes! It's painfully obvious

    Without a doubt the greatest "entertainer". See? I didn't say greatest "singer" or greatest "dancer" or songwriter or producer. It's the fact that he was the best of having all of those feats. There are better singers out there then MJ, hell even modern technical dancers would wipe the floor with him. But it's the fact that he carried all this talent and was the best to ever do it. Look at Super Bowl's halftime in 1993. He stands still for 2 MINUTES, turns his head for a milisecond and the crowd goes into frenzy. He's also the best selling black entertainer of all time. Third best overall, but that's only behind the white-dominated Beatles and Elvis. Worldwide, michael is the true king of music. The smallest hud in an isolated island won't know lucy in the sky or jailhouse rock, but they'll moonwalk the hell out of a billie jean sequence. So yeah, "entertainment" wise, Michael Jackson is in fact, the greatest entertainer of all time.

  • Yes he was

    Jackson was as unique as they come. People always claim "they're one of a kind" and it is rarely true. Even Ray Charles wasn't allowed to be one of a kind. No one has mastered their craft from the age of 5 by circuiting talent shows, clubs and bars. No one as young as MJ has had a #1 hit, no child has ever shown the inate command of a microphone than Jackson showed. He had the soul of an old man as young boy. He was immensely talented as a child alone. Whilst all of this is what contributed to his uniqueness, it didn't stop there. As an adult Jackson carved himself a place in musical and dance history through his unique singing voice, style of dance and his way of creating his own musical compositions. Just watch a live performance of his and pay close attention to the detail of his of dancing, every movement is in beat, he was the personification of the rhythm. This brings me to another unique trait of Jackson's, he was a very accomplished staccato singer and loved to dance live which led to him speeding up the songs to match his energetic output and he was able to simultaneously dance and sing, this is a rarity especially the speed Jakcosn went at. To me MJ has 4 iconic and most likely everlasting stage performances ( would have been more if it weren't for his personal life as the Dangerous routine is sublime ) and those are Thriller, Billie Jean, Beat It and Smooth Criminal. The production, choreography and Jackson's sheer stage presence and singing was a sight to behold. Jackson was truly one of a kind, you'll never see anything like him again and he should rightfully hold his place as the greatest single entertainer of all time.

  • Definitely the greatest

    Just listen to “Maybe Tomorrow” as a kid, and “We’ve Had Enough” as an adult, his voice is the most unique and powerful ever! He danced like the King since he was 12! Watch 1970 “There was a time” Jackson 5! His dancing and singing is crazy good. Genius Talent

  • Definitely the greatest

    Just listen to “Maybe Tomorrow” as a kid, and “We’ve Had Enough” as an adult, his voice is the most unique and powerful ever! He danced like the King since he was 12! Watch 1970 “There was a time” Jackson 5! His dancing and singing is crazy good. Genius Talent

  • Definitely the greatest

    Just listen to “Maybe Tomorrow” as a kid, and “We’ve Had Enough” as an adult, his voice is the most unique and powerful ever! He danced like the King since he was 12! Watch 1970 “There was a time” Jackson 5! His dancing and singing is crazy good. Genius Talent

  • Yes it's true

    Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer of all time. He was is the music industry his entire life, has the best selling and 2nd best selling albums, the best music video of all time, written songs about changing our world and making it a better place, and not to mention he brought every race together through preforming , and the messages in his songs, honestly he was one of the best people to walk the earth. I'm not saying this as a fan but as a caring and kind person that loves music.

  • Who changed everything

    Before Elvis there was nothing, before anyone did anything Elvis had done everything. He has endued the test of time to become imortal, Jackson will only be remembered for his love of children and was transgender. Only originals last because copies are ten a penny, to sum up Jackson he just squealed whilst touching himself and relied heavily on the distraction of the background video.

  • No way! NO

    Guys, he wasnt even a good singer! Personally I don't like him. He doesn't sing good and he also even does drugs. Do you think a person that entertains is a drug attic? There are tons and tons of other people to look up to. He is not an entertainer.

  • Nope, probably no

    He was a total pedophile, and his music was meh. I would go as far to say that someone like Justin Bieber has made better music than him. I'm sure in 5-10 years Micheal Jackson will have fallen slowly into obscurity. Sure he sold a lot of records and stuff but peoples ears hadn't evolved yet, to understand what real music sounds like.

  • No such thing

    There are more than one greatest singer because of all the different genres, I mean how can the king of pop be the best singer of country, or rock, or blues, or any other genre, but while he is not the greatest he is one of the best singers so the problem here is that the debate isn't specified enough

  • Before Elvis There Was Nothing

    It was John Lennon who said “before Elvis there was nothing!”

    Someone here talks about singing different genre of music. Well Elvis owned five different genre’s of music. Some can do two maybe three, but nobody had five under their belt...

    Rock, Blues, Country, Gospel and Pop. Elvis commanded them all! In a thousand years from now we will still remember the KING!

    And yes before anything, Elvis did everything.



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