• Lebron is the best in today's league, but he's no Jordan.

    People say Lebron has won with less than stellar teams (he takes lousy teams and wins). Wait a second, didn't he have Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosch with Miami. Didn't he have Kyrie Irving and doesn't he still have Kevin Love (an All Star who had a great season this year) with the Cav's.
    Those sound like some pretty good teammates to me.

  • Michael Jordan is the greatest!!!

    No disrespect to LeBron James he's great, but I watched MJ do amazing things. He had such a killer instinct that even if his team was losing big, he still went down fighting and the other team was still concerned about him. The flu/food poisoning game will ALWAYS be my favorite game.The biggest problem is that the media such as ESPN and Fox Sports are just trying to shove LeBron down our throats and that gets to be annoying In MY book, LeBron will go down as one of the greatest but not the best.

  • MJ=Greatest of All Time (GOAT)

    MJ is boss and always will be. He is crispy clean and no NBA player would wanna play Jordan or they would get there ankles handed to them. Lebron is a great player but maybe compare him to Brian Scalabrine who is the real G.O.A.T. And led the Celtics to a championship! Mj is better sorry!

  • Michael Jordan is Better

    LeBron simply lacks the more passion for the game. Hell, not even Kobe is as competitive as Jordan. Michael would trade his mother for the game of basketball anyday (figuratively speaking). Michael's not only in love with the game but loves to win as well, which he'll do anything to get it. So because of that he has the killer instinct mindset. Which LeBron doesn't have as well. LeBron chokes when it counts the most, Jordan never choked not even ONCE... LeBron has 4 times and he even got swept by the Spurs back in '07. Which is why Jordan will and always will be, the greatest basketball player to ever step on the Hardwood.

  • Michael Jordan Doesn't Choke.

    How many times have we seen LeBron James fall flat when it matters? Try every 4th quarter of every Finals game he's ever been in. How many times did Jordan lose after getting to the Finals? Zero. You're talking about a man who, in a six-year span against some of the greatest players ever on the court, NEVER lost 3 games in a row. For SIX YEARS.

  • MJ is just the greatest.

    Lebron is an overrated athlete. Lebron is only fast for his size. Jordan is quicker. Lebron is stronger so they equal out. Jordan is an all round player. When he was asked to play point guard he had 10 triple doubles in 11 games. Only aspect in basketball lebron tops Jordan is rebounding. Jordan could drop 50 whenever he wanted and was one of the greatest defenders of all time. Lebron is a versatile defender but no better than a josh smith. Only when lebron is making his jump shots he has a great game other wise it's pick and miss plus many uncalled offensive foul. Athletes getting stronger, bigger, faster is a myth. Roy hibberts the tallest guy in the league. There's no athlete like the big O or Wilt in the NBA today. Jordan has a competitive fire which is very rare. Those that think lebron is more competitive has never met someone with the competitive drive like Jordan which I have and I can tell you it's very rare in an athlete.

  • Yes, Michael Jordan is the best there ever was.

    While there's no doubt whatsoever that Lebron James is a legend in the making, he will never be as good as Michael Jordan. For one thing, anything Lebron James does, Michael Jordan did first. For another, Michael Jordan did everything he did for one team -- the Chicago Bulls. No matter how good Lebron ever is, he can't make that claim.

  • He is a brick

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  • LeBron James is Better Than Michael Jordan

    There is no argument, LeBron James can do so much more than Jordan on a Basketball court. If you look at who gives his team the best chance to win night in and night out, it is LeBron James. He can pass, drive, defend, lead a team, and sometimes he can shoot. If you were to forget about all the championships (which won't matter in 10 years because LeBron will win 12 rings when he is done) it would be stupid to take Jordan over LeBron. I'm not saying Jordan is not great, but LeBron is the GOAT.

  • Lebron is better

    Lebron James is a better basketball player than Michael Jordan. Michael may have won 6 NBA championships, but if Lebron James and Kobe Bryant were to play 1 on 1, Lebron would win. Lebron has a better skill set than Michael. Michael is mostly known as a scorer while Lebron excels at every aspect of the game.

    Jeffry Factora

  • Lebron James is the Best Player Now, So He's the Best Ever

    Michael Jordan was a great basketball player in his day. But as time passes, athletes get stronger, bigger, faster. Nowadays, the players are harder to beat than they were in his time on the court. Lebron's competitions is stiffer, and so he's the better player. Lebron is also bigger and more agile -- a fierce combination.

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