Is Michael Jordan better than Lebron James (in their prime)?

  • How Quickly People Forget

    I'm not even spending my time typing all of the reasons MJ is better than LeBron. Stop it, lol. Just go watch tape of both of these guys. It's not that hard to see. Michael Jordan set the bar so high that it will be one of the almost impossibilities of some other player achieving and surpassing what Michael Jordan did in his time of his career. 6 for 6. Enough said.

  • Michael Jordan is better

    Michael won several scoring stealing titles scoring titles and won six championships and this is when tons of legends were playing the game and he was dominant. Lebron is good but Michael is a beast and Lebron James is on a team that has Wade Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers.

  • Jordan is Better

    Michael Jordan changed the game as we know it today. From buzzer beating shots to carrying the bulls to a ton of championships, he is by far the best player who has ever played the game of basketball. On top of that, he played against people like Bird and Kareem who are way better than most of the players today

  • Michael Jordan better

    Michael Jordan is a better player, I believe he had a higher basketball IQ on and off the court. Jordan was also a better player when it came to make his team and the people around him better. Also in my opinion Michael Jordan was a better defender than Lebron was in his prime.

  • Totally Different Circumstances

    Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player of HIS TIME. A lot of things have changed in the game since Jordan played in the NBA. Players have gotten faster, more disciplined, and way bigger (in strength and size.) Putting Jordan back in his prime would also give him about the same amount of gaming experience. I am no fan of Lebron, but its no doubt that he could beat the legendary Michael Jordan in his prime.

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