• Michael Jordan is the Best

    Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Not only that, but he was a good role model and had a successful marketing campaign and still sells shoes today. People stand in lines to get his shoes still. He also had successful campaigns with other companies like Gatorade and McDonald's. Jordan is not just known to people in Chicago or Illinois. He is a worldwide name, which is rare for American athletes. Everyone was disappointed when Jordan retired early, left for a season, and then came back. Many people didn't believe he could come back successfully, but he proved them wrong. Everyone wants to "Be Like Mike." There are songs about him and he will live on in history as the greatest basketball player of all time.

  • No, Michael Jordan is not the greatest of all time.

    First of all, Michael Jordan is just a basketball player. So, he might be the greatest at basketball, but that's it. Second of all, even assuming that the question is addressing basketball, it is highly unlikely that MJ is the greatest basketball player "of all time." He might be the greatest of this time period, but with new technologies, new training techniques, and the progressive evolution of the human species, I doubt that he will be the greatest in a hundred years or so.

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