• Pure Lefty-regressive Traitor

    Michael Moore is just like Bernie Sanders - both have become rich Pied-piping their socialist drivel. If there is one person on the American political scene that everyone - by now - on any side of any issue knows now to listen to, it is Michael Moore. He swaggers like John Wayne or boo-hoos like a little girl but it's all just peformance art. This man lies through his teeth to his own image in the mirror just to make it through another day. Some of his behavior and pronouncements are indeed criminal in their scope and range from disturbing the peace to sedition and even treason.

  • Frequently Limited Insight

    His intellect gets in the way of subtler understanding. It is like watering the leaves and not the roots. His realm of focus is of a political and social depth without the understanding of a deeper spiritual consciousness. It comes down to one's focus in the external physical plane and comparing to less obvious forces of the divine nature of things.

  • Moore damaged US morale just to fill is pockets.

    I firmly believe our nation missed an opportunity after 9/11 to crush Islamic jihadist terrorism once and for all. You cannot win undeclared wars against people who want to kill you and know how to do it while people like Michael Moore undermine morale and support in this country by spreading lies and misinformation (all while filling their pockets with cash). In a declared war, we could have put Moore and his ilk in jail and suppressed their propaganda while we wrapped up the trouble against the jihadists. Had we done this, the jihadists would be reduced to vagabonds in the desert. Moore would be out of jail and could now show his propaganda, but no one would be interested at this point. After 2007, ISIS was just a desert encampment until Obama came to office, but that's another story.

  • He peddles lies as truths, only to harm the USA

    Because Mr. Moore can not come up with substantiated facts to support his anti USA rhetoric, he makes his lies into films. Anyone that goes to these depths just to attack the country is a traitor. The flip side is that people willing to be associated with Moore immediately discredit themselves. Can anyone say Oliver Stone? The truth is too boring for these people to make anything out of.

  • Fraud! Moore's gotta go

    Just like that movie Zeitgeist he tells about 80% truths to get people to believe him then sneaks in 20% of propaganda that steers all the talking points around. Traitor to the fullest degree because he acts like he is for the people. Go die of a heart attack you PIG!

  • Yes Michael Moore is a Traitor to the United States

    Although his movie Fahrenheit 911 does not in itself constitute treason, the fact that the movie is colored with a plethora of lies, all spread as negative wartime propaganda – and presented as truth – were splattered on the screen with no other objective but to cause harm to the war. This film not only put the commanders and military themselves in harms way, but also the country as a whole. In the name of free speech and patriotism, Michael Moore spent millions of dollars to do nothing more than spread untruths across the world about America. Lies cast for no other reason than his own financial benefit, constitute treason, and he should be tried for such.

  • No he is not.

    I am not American, I'm British, but I have seen his works, and he merely points out the floors in American society. They are his opinions. Also, he can't be called a traitor when so many people agree with him. It is the people who is trying to discredit that are the real traitors to America. They don't have your best interests at heart and would happily dupe you into doing things which boost their money/power etc.

  • US officials guilty of war crimes for using 911 to knowingly try to justify an Disastrous illegal war... Worse than Vietnam debacle...

    US inquiry reveals truth .... Shows Moore was right, amognst others...


    U.S. Officials Created a False Link Between Iraq and 9/11

    top officials knew that there wasn’t a case that Hussein was behind 9/11, but they wanted to use the 9/11 attacks as an excuse to justify war with Iraq.

  • Not in the strictest sense of the word...

    While his views on the War in Iraq and the Bush Administration may paint him as an "anti-patriot", he has done nothing that would ultimately compromise any mission of the United States. He is a colorful, outspoken person whose ideas place him on the far left side of the room, but he has never done anything that would put him in the same league as Benedict Arnold or Robert Hanssen.

  • Michael Moore is not a traitor.

    No, Michael Moore is not a traitor. He's a loudmouth and can come across as offensive to some, but ultimately he's just trying to draw attention to what he sees as injustices in American society. He voiced opposition to the Iraq war and tried to expose the dangers behind weapons after the Columbine shootings, not necessarily popular views at the time. Even if some of his documentaries are misguided, they do create a needed voice that questions the status quo.

  • He was right.

    When it came to the Iraq war, more people should have been listening. We were sold on lies based on "facts" that were only known because previous Republican administrations had set up. The only reason weapons of mass destruction were thought to be in Iraq was because Bush and Rumsfeld gave them to them when they were our ally.

  • He Is A Patriot

    It is ridiculous that somebody that is critical at the way his country is acting is called a traitor. Mr. Moore is critical to The American Dream and he wants to open the eyes of people to see where society defuncts. The real traitors are the people who deny the facts that Moore shows. These real traitors probably back the corrupt banking system and defend a war- and weapons production policy that created The USA's astronomical debt.

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