• 7th round pick says it all.

    It appears that it has affected his Draft position and that we will likely not be in the NFL this year. Had he not come out one cannot help but think that he would have been selected earlier and as an earlier round draft pick, would have had more value to a team. Admittedly, his.Poor combine performance hurt him but his sexual orientation was not an asset.

  • Sam's sexual orientation might help him

    Sam's sexual orientation might actually help him. Some teams could use the perks that come with an openly gay player, which include increased attention to the team and maybe even more sponsors who support the team's acceptance of openly gay players. Also, teams who do not try to draft him might receive criticism on the claim of being "against the hay", and no team wants those accusations made to them.

  • I doubt he'll make the NFL now.

    While a lot of coaches and general managers have gone on the record today saying that it's not a big deal, privately they are probably thinking otherwise. I would not say it's due to overt homophobia, so much as it's due to any football organization just not wanting the negative external attention from having an openly gay player.

  • Possibly, but how is unknown.

    While no team will admit it, at some level Michael Sam's sexual orientation will probably factor into their draft calculations. It may hurt Sam, as a team might not want to deal with the special media attention and distractions his draft would bring. On the other hand, it might help him if a team does want extra attention or to show that it is 'forward thinking' in regards to homosexuality, which seems to be the rage at the moment.

  • No, not at this point in time.

    In another period of time there would have been trouble for Michael Sam, but I think that in this day and age there has been enough admission of coming out to make a lot of people comfortable with it. The NFL would seem really homophobic if it did not accept this fine player.

  • Not at all

    Being the first openly game man in the NFL actually makes him a media draw and I think teams will jump at the chance to have him on their teams. He was already suggested to be drafted in the middle somewhere, but I think that due to his notoriety, he may be drafted sooner.

  • Sam's Sexual Orientation Won't Have Effect

    While Michael Sam will absolutely face some detractors for being gay, his sexual orientation should not affect his National Football League draft chances. Likely, Sam will find himself drafted early to a contending team and find some measure of success quickly. There's no reason to believe that being gay will hold him back.

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