• Micheal jackson lives!

    M.J is still alive people! His magnificent singing voice and funky dance moves mean he has 9 lives, he has only used one and has 8 remaining! I know this is true, because he told me in a dream. He is the best and no one can tell me otherwise.

  • He is dead. He ain't coming back.

    He is dead, I can't see how this is even an opinion. More of a wish this all is, we would wish we was alive today we wish these sightings are true but you need to face his death. He know he is dead a overdose of medication. R.I.P. M.J.

  • I honestly have no idea.

    There have been a couple of people claiming that they have seen Micheal Jackson in Paris and Florida. There were also a couple a pictures of sightings. Even though there are, I don't believe he's still alive. I find this topic completely creepy though. All of these sightings are kinda messed up. :/

    Posted by: Sk8

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PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-05-26T07:27:08.380
He dead and gone.