• Michigan State will make it to the Final Four

    Michigan State is going to make it to the NCAA final four because they are probably one of the two best teams in the entire field. Coach Tom Izzo has a remarkable record of taking teams to the final four, even when those teams are not that good. There is something about this tournament that brings out the best in Michigan State.

  • Maybe, Maybe Not

    I do not really know what sport this is referring to but I have heard that Michigan has good teams so this is probably not an outlandish statement to make. The questioner may have been wondering if others would agree with the opinion that Michigan would make it to the Final Four.

  • Michigan State is on a mission

    Michigan State and their fans believe they should have been a number one seed. If the team takes this as a slight against them, they could take it out on the teams that they have to play, and make it all the way to the Final Four, and maybe even win it all. The team is certainly capable of it.

  • Go Purdue University!

    I honestly don't know enough about sports to gauge whether Michigan State is going to make it to the Final Four. I can say that I hope that Purdue University makes it to the Final Four and that they win the entire championship. It would be awesome for students and alums!

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