• Yes, Michigian State will win it all.

    I believe that of the top teams remaining in the tournament Michigan State will win the NCAA championship. It has become an annual occurrence for the Spartans to make a run in March, and i don't expect this year to be any different. Tom Izzo is one of the greatest coaches in the men's basketball game and he will get the best out of his players at exactly the right time of the year.

  • Michigan State has a long way to go to win the tournament

    The Michigan State men's basketball team has a long way before they are crowned champion of the NCAA tournament. The tournament just started, and it is always filled with unexpected turns and twists. The one game elimination produces pressure, and upsets are a normal part of the annual event. Making a prediction this early is not likely to be accurate.

  • Too many other strong teams

    MSU coach Izzo is a great coach. His teams often outperform. But this year, there are too many other great teams in the hunt. No amount of Izzo's great coaching is going to be able to take MSU all the way. They just don't have the strength and power that they need to compete on such a high level.

  • No, University of Kansas will likely win the tournament.

    I do not think Michigan State will win the NCAA men's basketball tournament. They are a strong team, but the University of Kansas is the favorite to win. Kansas is the number one overall seed. Twenty-five percent of the brackets submitted to the NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge game named Kansas as the victor. Many sports reporters, and even President Obama, have predicted that Kansas will win the tournament.

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