• Yes, microbead pollution is a real danger to us and to the enviroment.

    Microbeads contains non degradable plastic that make it into the water cycle and come back to our drinking water. Microbeads are a hazard to environment and to us human. They also pollute other animal habitats. The use of Microbeads should have been banned years ago. We will be better off without them.

  • Microbeads are wreaking havoc on the environment

    Microbead pollution is definitely a real thing. The small beads used in many exfoliants and cosmetics do not biodegrade as well as their liquid counterparts. This causes problems for aquatic animals and plants, and the overall wastewater. We need to act quickly to counteract these negative impacts and find more biodegradable, evironmentally-friendly alternatives.

  • Supporting the Health of all Life

    Humans are not the only species on the planet. Yes, we have ways to make things that other species do not. Yes, micro beads are fun and awesome. That being said, they have the potential to put other creatures in danger. Fun for you and me has the potential to mean death for something else, and that's not right.

  • Yes, microbead pollution is very dangerous.

    Yes, microbead pollution is dangerous for humans, animals and plants. They pose a huge problem because they evade many forms of water treatment. These little plastic beads are found in many soaps and flow down the drains when we use them. The microbeads absorb toxins and are consumed by fish and other animals we eat.

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