• It's the experience

    Microsoft has been at this gamer far more than Google. While they both find different ways to maintain a healthy revenue, both are trying to cut into each others profits. Google Docs is a shade of microsoft's office suite, and if your like me you don't particular care for the cloud being your primary source of storage. Meanwhile bing may be behind google, I am finding myself slowly creeping into the search engine more and more. While Microsoft is actually lagging behind google, this has brought Microsoft to pool it's resources to innovate and bring some really cool things too light.

  • Google isn't for us

    Microsoft care us. Maybe lesser than Apple but I think bigger than Google. Microsoft's products(such as Windows 10) is more beautiful than Google's products. Yes, google.Com is more clever than Bing. But this is not the most important thing with a product. I think, the most important thing is the human experience and it is not all about quantity.

  • Microsoft is an imperfect company that wants to be what the public needs and wants.

    Microsoft is by no means a perfect company and can definitely shows signs of lack of direction from time to time but they try to give the public what they want. Google is more interested in what they can extract form the public and often dictates what how you should do things. They make Android very open but they actually took a already great, free product in Linux and have been trying to make it more proprietary and controlled by them with hooks for more ways to get information from their users covertly. Although their products are often free in the form of money, there is always a hidden cost. Furthermore, when using their products in a non-profit or educational environment Google provides little to no support. Microsoft donates their entire product line to most non-profits and well as free to heavily discounted to education. Furthermore, Microsoft funds many educational products which don't even use their own products. They also provide strong support to their products they donate and actually have lines of support open in the form of email, phone, and even in person assistance. Case in point. Although you can get Google Apps free for non-profit it comes with no support. I can attest to this from personal experience. Office365 is free for non-profit use and comes with web, email, and phone support 24x7 for free as well and they treat you the same as if you actually paid for it.

  • Google has a long way to go to catch up with Microsoft.

    I believe that comparing Microsoft to Google is like comparing apples to oranges. They each satisfy different needs. However, i believe that Microsoft is better than Google. This is mostly because Microsoft had a large headstart. Also, microsoft has a virtual monopoly on pc software. Microsoft is necessary, while Google is a luxury that i could live without if i chose to do so.

  • Google: don't be evil

    Google may not have kept itself 100% true to its 90s era 'don't be evil' slogan, but they have still managed to build a huge, near monopolistic, business without generating animosity in the public eye. While Microsoft spent years being complacent in what aspect of the tech business, Google constantly leads the cutting edge.

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