Is Microsoft going to turn BitCoin into a relevant currency by accepting it as a payment method?

  • Yes, Microsoft's use of BitCoin will help turn it into a relevant currency.

    The road to converting BitCoin into a relevant and readily accepted currency at first seemed so long and arduous as to border on impossible. After all, nothing like this has been attempted before: nearly every currency in use in the world today is backed by some kind of government agency, whether it be a national government or the European Union. But having a global brand on the scale of Microsoft embrace BitCoin will go a long way to making BitCoin a mainstream currency.

  • Microsoft will give BitCoin the support of a corporate giant.

    Many small businesses have been accepting BitCoin as a valid form of currency for several years now, but it has still been mired in the stigma of its original use in online communities such as Silk Road. Now that a large and financially transparent such as Microsoft is allowing payment with BitCoins, it is likely that the stigma will begin to wear off and more corporations will begin to follow suit.

  • Bitcoin to the Future

    With just a few million digital wallets downloaded and a few hundred ATM's across the world, we're in Bitcoin infancy. A few companies are changing all that, though. PayPal, Dell, Virgin Galactic and most recently Microsoft, have begun accepting Bitcoin as payment for goods and services an I think the currency's popularity will start to snowball. The many advantages (complete transparency, low fees, freedom in payment), many more consumers are going to want to hop in the bitcoin train and pay with zeroes and ones.

  • No, Microsoft accepting BitCoin does not make it relevant.

    BitCoin is a ridiculous conceit. It is a form of currency that is not at all backed by the real currency of any nation. This causes all kinds of problems when it comes to figuring out value. BitCoin faced a lot of problems from the beginning and Microsoft allowing it as payment online won't change its irrelevancy.

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