• Microsoft is Better because it is not a Traitor to America!

    Microsoft makes better products because most are made in America. And, Microsoft is not a traitor to American Labor, even though it could employee more Americans than it does and manufacture more products in America, e.G., XBox is manufactured and serviced in Mexico.

    Microsoft employs about 56,654 employees in the USA, 94,286 worldwide or about 60% in the USA.

    Apple on the other hand is a traitor to America and American Labor.

    Not long ago, Apple boasted that its products were made in America. Today, few are. Almost all of the 70 million iPhones, 30 million iPads and 59 million other products Apple sold last year were manufactured overseas, mainly in China at Foxconn City.

    Apple employes 43,000 people in the USA and 20,000 overseas; but that is misleading. Apple uses contractors or other companies to manufacture it products, especially in China at Foxconn City - that is another 700,000 people that should be working in America.

    Apple is a traitor to America and no one should buy anything Apple. The workers in China working as contractors of Apple are paid less than 50 cents per hour.

    Steven P. Jobs should have been thrown in Jail before he died and shoot as a traitor to America. He was then and even as a dead man, is pure scum. He should not be honored for anything.

    All America companies that outsource jobs are traitors to America; over 20 million jobs have been outsourced to third world toilets like China, Mexico, and India.

    America needs to make Congress force these companies to bring all those jobs back to America, or we are doomed to become a two class society, the wealthy top 1% that have everything, and the 99% that have almost nothing comparatively; soon most people will only have service jobs and be working at retail stores like Walmart and not making much more than minimum wage, even with college degrees.

    I think Apple and Microsoft are big oligopolies that should be broken up into at least 50 to 100 smaller companies. Just like the 10 banks that own 77% of all U.S. Banking assets (e.G., Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Citigroup, Wells Fargo & Co., Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley).

    All these giants need to be busted apart. And, these slime ball banks also outsource hundreds of thousands of jobs.

  • Microsoft is better

    I think Microsoft is better then apple, because every product that isn't Apple will pretty much be compatible with Microsoft. The main reason Windows has such high market share in the desktop realm is that Microsoft is very nice to developers. By this I mean they have lots of SDKs, give developers licenses for software, and even encourage hobbyists to develop (Visual Studio Express). They guarantee (in a sense) that third party software will remain operable for a decade at least, because they keep new versions backwards-compatible with the old.

  • Microsoft is Better than Apple

    It is easier to use and Apple doesn't fully fulfill my needs, plus it is more expensive. Microsoft is what I use at home and I don't like "Pages" on Apple, it's too confusing, which is the Microsoft Word for Apple. I like Apple, but not as much as Microsoft!

  • No doubt Microsoft is better

    The prices for Macs are to much for me, plus microsoft is more user friendly and simpler to use. Unlike macs when you click close it just minimizes and drains the battery. Microsoft products use regular things for example the windows 8 phone can use another phone's charger, on the other side apple has there own usb wire, and own Mac charger.

  • Microsoft is so better!!!

    I love Microsoft, they are the best company ever!!!, so much better than Apple, I hate Apple, I think Apple should just shut down!!!, because the Mac is too overpriced for me!!!, and the iPod, iPad, and iPhone are so dumb!!, I like Microsoft, they make Windows, which is the best Operating System ever!!!

  • Microsoft all the way!

    If you buy a Mac, you are paying more for something that 'looks better'.

    No sympathy for people that buy Macs.

    I need to write 50 words so this is me writing at least 50 words. No, not at least, I will make this exactly 50 words, not one more.

  • Microsoft is more important now

    Let's say Microsoft disappears. What also disappears? ATMs, Cash registers, servers, 90% of PCs, Skype, Office, Economic collapse for businesses worldwide. If Apple disappears right now, people don't have iPhones. That said, Windows is much better than Mac OS X, I have debated that many times. Anyways, both are very important and neither would be successful without the other. Microsoft saved Apple once, and Apple helped market some innovations.

  • Ha ha ha

    One the biggest doubts confronting Apple is its ability to innovate like it has in the past with the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad.
    With Steve Jobs dead, and Scott Forstall out, two of its most important executives of the last six years are no longer there. The new executive team led by CEO Tim Cook has to prove to the world that it can build the next wave of world-changing devices.
    At today's Goldman Sachs conference, Cook was asked about Apple's culture of innovation. His interviewer, Bill Shope, was trying to get Cook to respond to anyone that thinks Apple can't create the next big thing.
    Cook, obviously, didn't tip his hand and say, "Well, Bill, next month we have a Retina iPad Mini, then a new iPhone, then in the fall an iWatch, and come December we'll introduce an Apple TV."
    However, he did a good job of explaining why Apple is still the technology industry's leader, and why rivals like Samsung, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft can not keep up with Apple, in his opinion.
    He attributed it to Apple's "skills," and "leadership."

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Ragnar says2013-05-25T03:54:42.237
Please enough of the "Yes for this, No for that" questions. Just ask your question of "Is This better than That," the rare 'they're equal' person will not throw off the results by much.