Is middle school dating a big problem? (Or even a problem at all)

Asked by: TheExtinction
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  • Yes; BIG problem

    The purpose of "dating" is to find the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with. The search for Mr./Mrs. Right has to be conducted with a mature mind. When kids of middle-school age are "dating", their attraction for each other probably does not exceed physical attraction and/or a few common interests such as a -love- of video games or sports. In the immature mind of a middle-school KID, this is all that's needed to form a relationship. When the "couple" drifts apart, depending on the "separation" issue, emotional scarring can occur, resulting in a depressed kid. Or worse, the child might get in the habit of having shallow, short lived relationships in childhood and thus continue the cycle in his/her adult life as well. Bottom line, middle-school age kids are, well, kids, and I believe that dating is a special thing that should be reserved for adults.

  • Are you kidding me?

    The point of dating is to find your soul mate, the one you wanna procreate and grow old with! Middle school children shouldnt be dating.
    Children shouldn't be focusing on the intimate things that come with dating someone, this itself branches off and can lead to so many issues. G

  • To an extent

    Premature relationships, in their current state, can be very harmful. During a period of underdeveloped self-esteem, children are highly susceptible to manipulation and persuasion. The average age at which a person loses their virginity is continuing to decrease, and many children are engaging in intercourse even earlier than middle school. Teenage pregnancy is a growing issue. Intercourse, or even relationship conflicts, with an untrustworthy and/or judgmental partner, can have extreme negative impacts. Such cases have resulted in bullying to the point of suicide, such as the cases of Amanda Todd and Rebecca Sedwick.

    Should measures be taken to prohibit premature relationships? Absolutely not. However, should measures be taken to educate children about relationships, safety, and intercourse, instead of attempting to fear-monger them into compliance? Absolutely.

  • Its kind of an issue

    Kids in middle school should wait until the end of high school or college to be dating because usually people in middle school mess around in relationships and don't stay together for very long. Kids should be loyal and stay in a relationship but apparently 12 to 14 year olds aren't capable of doing that.

  • Wouldn't recommend it

    Children in middle school are nowhere near mental and emotional maturity, they use relationship ideas based off of their parents, which leads them to be very serious. And with the sexualization of the media, kids are taking things to fast without thinking of the consequences later in life. Wait until 16-17 to date

  • I think its not

    I have a relation ship and i'm in middle school and she is in high school and honestly it helps me in school. For instance my teacher said i couldn't leave until i turned my paper's in before class ended I got my grade up from an E to an A- in one class just to see her so i don't think its a problem I think they help.

  • Middle School is the time to start exploring

    This is when kids become teenagers. Middel School is the time to start exploring and learning about the dynamics of a relationship. Relationship and community is important in the development of a person, and realtionship skills (of any sort, not only romantic) are very important in a healthy life, especially if that individual plans on having commited romantic relationships of any kind. I see "dating" as a means to an end.

  • Of course not

    Middle school dating is not a problem at all. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend does not affect the majority of students. And like TheExtiction stated it gives kids a "taste of the real world" and can even teach them lessons in some ways. For example if you are dating and you have a girlfriend or boyfriend who is very compulsive or very touchy you know in the future to break things off right away and can learn from that.

  • I speak from experience.

    Having a girlfriend in middle school is perfectly acceptable. I, for one, had one from the second half of seventh grade all the way to the end of eighth. She was awesome.
    It was emotionally healthy and we parted amicably when we had to go to different high schools. We still keep in touch,

  • Still a problem though.

    Middle school dating is pretty rare, so I don't think it's actually a big problem that needs to be dealt with with big guns, like, say, teen gangs or compensated dating.

    However, it *is* a problem and I would certainly encourage teachers and parents to take measures to prevent this from happening to their students and children, and to ask their students and children to cease such actions if discovered. After all, when one is at schooling age, his or her greatest responsibility in life is to work hard and excel in exams, and thereby make his or her parents famous and proud. It is NOT to pursue relationships, something that is supposed to happen later in life.

  • Not at all!

    Why is this a problem? Evrey web site about this topic says its bad for a kid! Sure, you can break up but it helps kids get a taste of the real world and prepares them for other relationships. Also, middle school relationships are serious! Almost evrey relationship at my school is serious, including mine!

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birdlandmemories says2015-09-15T06:53:37.967
What is even the point of middle school dating? There's other more important things than finding "the true one". Seriously most relationships last at most 2 weeks.