• You learn nothing in middle school now that I look back on it.

    All I remember from middle school was the same concepts that I already learned in 6th grade. That's all middle school is: learn the same thing and everything is so easy, they might as well call the classes regular classes. The only class in which you learn something new was my 8th grade science class. My math class was the only challenging courses because they were high-school level.

  • Yes it is

    Middle school is sadly, Useless. Our school system is broken. It's just a competition to see who gets the best grades. Filling in bubbles on a test or worksheet will determine how smart that person is? ! The Latin root of education is educ-are, Which means to train. To train students for high school or life. Our we training our students? Since when are we going to use the civil war, Or what happened over 150 years ago in our daily life. Or reading a fictional book.
    The U. S. Schools are, In my opinion, Is the worst school system. Not only do they give kids tons of work to do, But they don't let the kids be kids. Yes, We need to know how to spell, Read, And do simple math. You know, Learning the mitochondria of a cell and learned how to divide fractions really helped me in life. Okay, I'm joking. Nothing has changed for over a century of how we teach our students, That is sad.

  • It's useless like crap

    Just f*@king useless ok? ! No one likes it, It's a bad idea! I hated those 3 years and i wished i was dead at the time because of how it never will help me in the real world, Some states and countries are actually banning middle school, Those kids are probably happier than winning the lottery.

  • Yeah its dumb

    The way the system is set up ( coming from a freshman ) is you can forget it after the test and colleges don't go back to 7th grade its extremely awkward and the only thing I learned in middle school is how middle school boys think and how they work which I won't use and by now i don't remember anything i was taught and since they made us memorize the map i remember the layout too

  • Yes, it's unnecessary.

    It's so pointless because nothing you did in middle school matters once you leave. You forgot the information you were given once you get to high school anyways. Also, colleges don't look at your grades middle school. I'm a 9th grader now, and i can definitely say that middle school was the worst 4 years ever. Waste of time honestly.

  • I'm a middle schooler and it's blaitintly obvious the 3rd and 4th sister are just extra fluff

    In middle chook we are taught the same god forbidden thing over and over, like look in my Matt class it's just the stupidest things ever! It's either too hard for me and I don't understand it but I'll never use it again or it's mind numbingly easy and I will still never use it! Im fed up with the hipocracy in school and that it always stresses "good grades" but in relality who the hell cares in middle school it doesn't have any effect on you after it, it is pointless. I rest my case

  • Yes, it's unneccesary.

    By the time you hit high school you will have forgotten everything you were taught in middle school. You're re-taught everything AGAIN. Your test scores and grades don't even count in the long run. Everyone is immature. The most pointless and most traumatizing three years of my life. I cringe just thinking about it.

  • As it is, yes.

    Our grading and testing system is what is standing in the way of higher learning, we are taught at a young age we must always aim for an A+ in class, so we memorize all of the material for the test and when the test is over we dismiss all of the information we just learned. To retain information you require repetition, and covering 1 chapter for a test and then not reviewing it until the final ensures that you will not understand broad concepts that are vital for any real-world application of the subject.

  • Pointless? Can't see it

    I'm guessing people don't really learn the much from middle school, but are the teachers trying to teach us more or are they just preparing kids from the up coming battle of homework, essays, and part time jobs? I believe that middle school is there to teach kids how to act and what they will need in high school. They refresh our brains to memorize our old lessons adding tid bits here and there but that's basically it. Middle schools are here to get them prepared for what awaits in their future.

  • It's a good transition.

    At least in my town, our one middle school acted as a transition between many elementary schools and one high school. The middle school was used to make kids comfortable with larger classes and "locker culture" in a school with only two grades and maybe 200 students instead of one with four grades and over 700 students. I think that going to middle school made my first year of high school easier than if I were to be thrown right into it without any sort of preparation.

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