• I lived through his governorship

    Trump is an idiot, A bigot, A blowhard. . . He does evil because he's a rich moron. Pence on the other hand, Is a bigot, Greedy, Devious, A "politician". Pence is by far more dangerous because he plays Washington's game and is good at using/abusing people and his office. He did horrible things in Indiana and was able to keep the Democrats in line with his agenda. At least with Trump you get active fight-backs from Democrats and even some blow-back from other Republicans.

    Seriously. . . I'd rather have a loose cannon than a skilled sniper.

  • Pence is an asset.

    There is no way that Mike Pence is more dangerous than Donald Trump. In fact, I think he is the reason why more conservative people are even considering voting for Trump. Pence is mature, responsible and professional, and he handles himself with dignity. He would make a great VP if elected.

  • Pence is the more dangerous politician

    Vice presidential candidate Mike Pence is more dangerous than Donald Trump. Pence has taken extreme right wing views. Although he presents himself well, his policies are detrimental to the nation. For instance, as governor of Indiana, he supported a religious freedom bill that wold have harmed the LGBT community. He has also voted to defund Planned Parenthood, which seeks to protect women's health.

  • Yes, he is.

    Mike Pence is more dangerous becasue he is stealth dangerous. Most people don't pay much attention to Donald Trump, and Mike Pence's actions as Govenor of Indiana including requiring funerals for abortions, and allowing business to desciriminate against LBGTQ people are bad, and known. We have no idea what Drumpf will do.

  • Mike Pence is no more dangerous than Donald Trump

    No, Mike Pence is no more dangerous than Donald Trump. Concerns about Trump center around his lack of moral character and his erratic behavior. In that sense, Pence is not dangerous. There are several questions about Pence that may be cause for concern, though--things like some of his extreme conservative views and the question of why he chose to run as Trump's vice president.

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