• Yes, he is.

    Yes, Mike Riley is a good choice to head Nebraska's football program. I have always loved watching his games because I think he has great playing strategies and he is a very good team work person. I think he is great at pulling the team together therefore he will fill this role perfectly.

  • Good coach if...

    ...Mediocrity is what you are looking for in a head coach. Why would one think he is going to suddenly become a winning coach. At this point in his career he is what his coachjg record says he is. Then Nebraska gives him a 1 year extension after his QB throws 4 INTs?

  • Terrible Hire by the Huskers-See below.

    The coach is broke, with his Mark Trestman too cute Canadian BS offense and a complete lack of defensive prowess. A program with a rich history demands a winner. This coach will not deliver and will shy from the spotlight as soon as the honeymoon is over. Grey Cups don't mean BLEEP! Shameful hire!

  • I thought we went through this already!

    I think we will be wishing for Callahan back after this hire. What did we expect for an unqualified egomaniac at athletic director, he has been a real embarrassment to our state and the fans will pay for his incompetence. If he really cared about wins the basketball coach Miles would have already been fired!

  • No, Mike Riley is not a good choice as Nebraska's next football coach

    Over that past five seasons, Mike Riley's Oregon State teams have compiled a record of 29-33. These teams were not inherited, as he has headed the program since 1997. And it's not as if there isn't talent willing to come to the area, as the University of Oregon is a perennial power. It's difficult to understand why the University of Nebraska would expect a coach with his track record to return their team to its former glory.

  • Mike Riley is not a good choice to head Nebraska's football program.

    No, Mike Riley is not a good choice for Nebraska's football program. He has a positive record throughout his coaching career up to this point at 93-80, but that record could be a lot better. The coach he's taking over for, Bo Pelini, boasts a record of 67-27 overall as a head coach. Statistics show that Mike Riley will not be a better coach than Bo Pelini was. Nebraska should have looked for a different coach, a coach with better coaching statistics than Mike Riley.

  • I'm not with Riley

    Nebraska's recent announcement that they've hired Mike Riley to lead the Cornhuskers is disappointing news. Not only does he have a terrible coaching record (lost more than 3 games in every season in his career), he is old at 61 and doesn't inspire very much confidence from players. Bad choice, Huskers.

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