• He bit a niggas ear off nigga the fuck who does in a fight

    Like seriously what the fuck its just a fight like god damn what the hell dont take this so serious you also say yo will eat a niggas children like what the actual fuck man are you crazy like god damn fuck shit nigga the fuck is wrong with you

  • He's as crazy as they come.

    Try taking one of them Holmes's haymakers to the head without losing your goddamn mind. I bet after a couple of those puppies, you'd be hurling your shit across the room, laughing your ass off and talking to yourself.

    We can't blame old Mike for being a bit in bad shape upstairs.

  • Yes, probably but many are.

    When you see Mike Tyson on any tv program on which he is being interviewed, he does seem erratic and too focused on his physical prowess and ability to hurt the people he doesn't like. He probably does have some sort of mental illness, possibly made worse by fighting, yet lots of other people are just as crazy in the circles in which he travels.

  • Yes, Tyson is crazy.

    I think that Mike Tyson is definitely crazy. I think that a lot of his actions in the past and present has shown that he doesn't seem to be all that sane. Plus, biting somebody's ear during a boxing match is just another example that he isn't the most smartest guy out there in public.

  • Mike Tyson is just like the rest of his

    It puts him in a better place the fact that he is able to control himself lately consistently when you have people like tiger woods with endorsements and jeff bezos sending his tiny c$ck pics over the net. People that want to judge a persons character and unwilling to change their own destructive paths.

  • No, mike is just being himself.

    No, Mike Tyson is not crazy. I think he is a little high strung and likes to show off. I have seen him do interviews and he seen like a nice person. If Mike Tyson is crazy then the rest of us are a few nuts short in the basket too.

  • No, I don't think Mike Tyson is crazy.

    Overall I think Mike Tyson had his moments in the media where he was extreme but I don't believe he is crazy, I believe he was a successful boxer and in recent years a successful actor on screen in movies such as "The Hangover", so overall I think Mike Tyson is sane.

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