• Yes he is

    He is the best of all time no questions asked cmon now in his prime was unstoppable and was feared by everybody even the late great muhammad ali said tyson had the strongest punch of all time thats big words for tyson he is the best of all time no doubt

  • Tyson World Records

    Who is the greatest heavyweight? Who is the greatest fighter? Who would win over anyone else at their peak? This is the right question.

    Who would win over anyone else at their peak? Peak versus Peak

    Non-heavyweights are not even in the conversation.

    An honest, A truly instrospective and honest assessment of every fighter at his peak, Can only lead to one conclusion. And that conclusion is overwhelming.

    No informed historian of boxing who has examined all of the fights of the greatest fighters at their peak can truthfully come to any other conclusion.

    No man that has ever walked the earth in our known fight history could truly beat Mike Tyson, Peak versus peak.

    Mike Tyson turned professional and after a year, He became the first fighter in history to beat every other world champion. Jack Johnson could be argued as the closest to achieve this feat.

    Mike Tyson beat Trevor Berbick to win the WBA. Then Tyson beat James Smith to wind the WBC. Tyson then takes the IBF from Tony Tucker. Be aware that these men were scared to death of Tyson and every one has stated training harder than any other fight in their life. They each gave their personal best effort to retain their World Champion title. Ring magazines World Heavyweight title and lineal heavyweight champion was Michael Spinks who destroyed the one of the top 5 greatest heavyweight champions of all time, Larry Holmes.

    Mike Tyson destroyed Michael Spinks in seconds, Yes in seconds.

    Tyson did not train once for the Douglas fight. And his gold digging wife embarrassed him on national TV, Drugged him up, And started a divorce. Tyson lost. So what. Who wouldn't lose? He then knocked everyone out before going to prison for three years.

    Anyone who says that any other fighter at their peak could beat Tyson at their peak is uneducated about Boxing history.

    Tyson is the World Record holding youngest Heavyweight World champion in history.

    Tyson is the only boxer in history to hold every Championship title including the lineal Championship title.

    Tyson holds the World Junior Olympic record for the fastest knockout.

    Tyson was only one of ten fighters in the Ring magazines ranking as #1 pound for pound best fighter.

    Tyson was the only Heavyweight ever to hold the title as the #1 pound for pound best fighter.

    Every world record that Mike Tyson has set still stands to this day.

    No heavyweight every was ranked #1 pound for pound. Mike Tyson still holds the world record for youngest Heavyweight champion. Mike Tyson still holds the record as the only fighter in history to hold every organizational World title and the lineal World title.

    Greatest athlete recognition always is based on top performance. Longevity and career endurance are interesting but athletics is based on peak performance.

    Mike Tyson's world records have endured into their 3rd decade. The evidence is overwhelming, Mike Tyson could beat any fighter that has ever lived at their peaks.

  • He is definitely in the conversation as an all time great.

    Mike Tyson stood only 5'10in tall yet it didn't matter because of his superior head movement and tremendous punching power. So what he wasn't shit at the very end if his career. When he was on his game trained by Rooney not dragged down by Don King he was the most ruthless competitor the sport has ever seen. His raw talent may never be truly matched he had sone mental weaknesses. The truth is he needed a team behind him he needed guidance. When he had a man like Rooney in his corner he NEVER LOST. For sure top 10 most likely top 5.

  • Super Bad Ass.

    He was born the real Hulk, Majestically a warrior Angel, Who needed much more protection, From the vultires of this world. If I V'Ger could meet him, I could bring him back to the ring, And I wii show Mike and the world, What an incredible miracle he truely is.

  • Hardest hitter to ever box

    Waching tyson fight all his matches in his prime was awesome. He rought boxing back from irrelevance. Ali, Forman, Frazier wouldnt last 3 rounds with Iron Mike in his prime. He was well coached, Acurate and had a nasty upper cut. I mean how many boxers do you know who had thier own video game made?

  • The most powerful most explosive combinations you ever seen

    His offensive fighting style was incredible to watch his side to side moment and peekaboo Style was outstanding he dominated and destroyed people if he didn't go through all that issue and did not go to prison for 4 years he would have still been in the boxing game right now he would have dominated everyone especially Holyfield and Lennox Lewis he would have destroyed them it will have not gone more than six rounds it's sad to see someone career go down because of some bad luck and bad choices hands down one of the greatest heavyweight champions of all time one of my favorite fighters of all time

  • The greatest of all time.

    I love the sport of boxing and this love came from watching Mike Tyson knock people out in the first round itself. I don't think that any other boxer in the history of boxing would have made it for more than 5 rounds with Mike Tyson in his prime. I often wondered what the other boxers went through after getting hit in the head by Mike Tyson. I am sure he had enough strength to decapitate anyone with one blow. He was not just scary but was also an extremely talented boxer. Most of the fights he fought in his early life were won even before he stepped into the ring. His opponents literally trembled with fear. No other boxer has ever had such an impact on the opponents. He is certainly the greatest.

  • Mike Tyson is the best

    Mike Tyson can knock out anyone from all fight sports in his prime,he is the hardest hitter ever in all of fight sport history, no one will ever be better than Mike Tyson for generations to come . Was the best and always will remain the greatest fighter of all time.

  • Mike Tyson is the greatest

    He destroyed everyone in his path. The only one to ever beat mike Tyson was himself. Amazing athletic talents like no one had ever seen before in the ring and we probably won’t ever.
    I got mike Tyson, Ali, Forman, Frazier, Marciano, Lennox Lewis, Joe Lewis, Holyfield, and Roy Jones jr. As the greatest to do it

  • Hardest puncher ever

    Mike could knock any man out with going half sped with his punches. He could punch a a brick wall and the wall would be the injured thing. Ali is a close second to Mike Tyson but second at best. Tyson's power is unbelievable and would make any opponent tremble in fear.

  • No he's my favorite and a great, But far from the greatest.

    I think it's hard to argue he wasn't a great boxer, Top 15 for sure, But he came about in an era where the competition wasn't as fierce. If he had been around in the era of Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali, Liston, I just can't see him still being argued to be the greatest. But most certainly one of the greats

  • One of the greats but not the best

    Tyson at his very best, Pre-prison, Was a very impressive fighter, Perhaps my favourite heavyweight, He added a lot of excitement to the division in unifying the titles, But my feeling is he was always a bit vulnerable to someone with a great jab. Mitch Green, Tony Tucker & Douglas all could tie him up, And often beat him to the jab. He would never be easy to beat at his best, But he was not invincible. If you could weather the Tyson storm of the first few rounds, Then a very skilled boxer could gradually dominate the fight with his jab and reach advantage.

  • He's not even the in the Top 5 of great Heavyweights

    Tyson was certainly a fearsome puncher and for about 5 years (1985-90) was the best heavyweight on the planet, but just compare his resume to other great HW fighters.
    Who's the best fighter he ever beat? Larry Holmes? (old, coming out of retirement and in decline), Michael Spinx? (An intimidated light heavyweight champ). Everytime Tyson fought a great fighter anywhere near their peak who wasn't intimidated he lost convincingly. The mid 80s HW scene Tyson ruled was poor, when it became strong again in the 90s he was beaten by the great Lewis and Holyfield and avoided Foreman, Bowe and Moorer. He's a top 10 HW, who could KO anyone on his day, but nowhere near the best of all time.

  • Mike Tyson definitely not the greatest heavyweight ever.

    I cant believe some of the comments posted on this thread.One poster
    said Tyson was the 'toughest and hardest' heavyweight ever.Rubbish!
    He was nowhere near as tough or brave as Joe Frazier,Muhammad Ali,
    Evander Holyfield,Larry Holmes etc.I could go on but the list of heavyweight-champions who were tougher then Tyson is rather long.
    Yes,Tyson had superb physical gifts such as punching power,speed etc,but he was far too mentally weak to be the greatest heavyweight of all-time.

  • One of the best; not THE best

    He's in the discussion with the greatest, which makes him great.

    Anytime you are in the same sentence as Joe Frazier, George Foreman, and Muhammad Ali, then you have done something right. Let's not forget that Tyson tore through the Heavyweight division early in his career and even did quite well mid-career.

    Tyson's height didn't do him any favors. Don't believe when he was listed at 5'11 or 5'10. He was *barely* 5'10 when fighting against guys with 4 inches minimum on him. He was always swinging up. His fitness was taxed more than those other opponents, but he was able to go the distance despite expending more energy (especially early in his career).

    Tyson, not the best ever, but one of the best.

  • Tyson was an exceptional fighter, but far from the best

    Mike Tyson was not the first big, bad, seemingly invincible power-puncher, and certainly not the last. Sonny Liston and Mike a Tyson preceded him, both being knocked out by Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson would have been brought down in the same fashion, outlasted, exhausted, and on the canvas. I will admit that the Douglas fight was rigged, however Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis beat him fair and square. Tyson simply didn't know how to cope with someone being able to take, block, dodge and return punches which led to his defeats. He still had knockout power and great speed AFTER his incarceration when many claim he was "past his prime"; such as Buster Mathis Jr, Bruce Seldon, Clifford Etienne, Brian Nielsen, and Frank Bruno.

  • No, I don't think Mike Tyson is the greatest heavyweight ever.

    While Mike Tyson was a very skilled boxer I think there are numerous people that were way more skilled and popular then Mike Tyson, determining who is the best is tough since everyone uses a different way to measure the "best" but overall I don't think Mike Tyson is the greatest ever.

  • No, Tyson is not the best HW ever.

    I do not think that Mike Tyson is the greatest heavyweight ever. I think that there are a lot of other boxers in the heavyweight division who can be considered better than him in the history of the sport. I think that Mike Tyson is definitely the best boxer during the 80s though.

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