• She's not a role model... She's an entertainer, LOL :-P :-p :-P

    She's how old? She doesn't even know what she wants to be yet! She's constantly changing (which don't get me wrong, is not a bad thing) but any time someone is in the middle of discovering themselves, they should not be looked up to, no matter how much fame or money they are making (unless they are doing amazing things to help society!) Life's not about sticking your tongue out, singing, wearing provocative clothing and making money. That's not even her life! It's her in the moment stage presence! Look up to people who do good things for others and are giving of themselves to try to help make life better for all of humanity.

  • From hannah to horrible

    I think she should have stuck with hannah montanna. Back then people were interested in her voice and her music, whereas now they are just interested in her image and she is only famous because of her inappropriate videos. She may think she is being a genius and making millions, and she is, but her methods for makig millions is totally WRONG.

  • Is that really a question?

    Who would like his children to adore a singer who promotes drugs, alcohol, sexism to girls. She puts women down as a gender. She has low self-esteem and she encourages teens to do the same stupid things she does. She is encouraging young girls to have sex with everyone, not respect their bodies or theirselves as she does. She can destroy herself as much as she wants but she shouldn't do that to young girls.

  • She is just plain disgusting!

    I remember when I was a little kid ( kindergarten, grade 1) Miley was super popular in my school. She was a good role model! But she has definitely changed for the worse. She goes around mostly naked, doesn't respect people, has naked pics, makes fun of other celebs, makes innapropriate gestures, etc. She is terrible.

  • Miley Cyrus has RUINED her LIFE!!!!!!!!

    Miley Cyrus used to be perfectly fine. When she was Hannah Montana, I was CRAZY about that show and got a doll of both Miley and Hannah. Well, years passed by and now I'm 14 and Miley is a wackadoodle. She used to sing wholesome songs about attitude and perspective on life, and nobody being perfect. Now she sings about drugs, sex, and doing inappropriate things like twerking in clubs. Miley chopped off her beautiful brown hair and now dyed it platinum blond. She wears skimpy, barely there clothing and carries herself in a very suggestive manner. She even swings naked on wrecking balls. I think that nobody should role model after Miley Cyrus because she's lost, and one day she's gonna realize how terrible she looks. Her inappropriate images are all over the media, and they're ingrained in young people's minds. She thinks that every guy likes her and abandoned her sweet innocent ways of when she was my age and on Hannah Montana. Miley drinks and she isn't even 21 yet. It's sickening, and her immodest approach to youngsters is a racy adult manner that shouldn't belong on TV.

  • She lost her way.

    She clearly doesn't know the repercussions of her actions. To anyone who's saying she's living her life, honestly, are you taking drugs regularly? Do you wear those abominations she call clothes? Would you grind against someone like Robin Thicke who has a wife and kids? Tell yourself that. If you're not doing what you call "living your life", you have no right to use that as an argument. She's a menace to herself and those around her.

  • I'm doing a debate for this and this is the side I'm going for is no she not a good remodel

    Miley Cyrus is a remodel to her younger fans and her younger fans parents wouldn't like to see their children watching their "romodel" naked on a wrecking ball also they wouldn't like to see her twerking and doing drugs. Miley even said in a video that she would never do drugs now look at her she doing drugs.

  • Let herself down.

    She used to be a brilliant role model to all young girls who would watch her programme on Disney Channel, where she was a great singer, great role model and she was very good looking, and had a lot of pride for herself in public. Me (a 14 year old boy) thought she was a good role model to all young girls with her songs, everyday life ad attitude towards life, and a lot of girls wanted to meet her, and looked up to her and I thought she was a good role model. I know look down on her and I think she has disgraced herself, she has changed so much, she sings songs about sex, she takes no pride on her appearance and what she wears, her hair is like a punk rocker boys and she dresses in clothes that not even porn stars would were. She just gives off a bad impression to everyone.

  • A horrible role model.

    She used to be talented, then she woke up and realized that she wasn't as popular, she had a huge fit, cut her hair, and started peeing on cop cars. Why do many teenagers find her a good role model? That questions always stumps me. She needs to get her head together or just leave hollywood for good.

    -Al Carter

  • Not a question of being bad.

    The fact is she is rich always been, she's obviously talented, if you knew you'd make millions by acting a certain way, you would do the same. Maybe she sold her soul to the devil, either way her actions continue to make her filthy filthy rich, her actions attract attention plain and simple, good or bad, she's raking in more cash than small cities, the days of sweet little Hannah Montana are over, it's time to sell sex! She's sucked in all the kiddies money for 15 years now its time to get the pervs money, why you ask, because its profitable and why not exploit it for money, her role model days are over.

  • She is not to bad

    She did Hannah Montana for years, has a famous dead, and has a great voice. Her being sexual and more provocative lately, is just the industry taking its toll. It happens to everyone or everything in that kind of light. When you get that kind of spot light, you will do what is necessary to make money as long as it is within your realm of morality. She has not did a sex tape, or shown her boobs yet so you can assume she has some good morals. It's not like she is kim kardashian and got famous of a sex tape. She earned her way to where she is, and has acted pretty damn respectfully on the way there.

  • Don't judge. You're no saint either!

    She's not pregnant, has never been to rehab, is stable with one guy, doesn't get drunk and doesn't flash her boobs in public. Well behaved if you ask me. A lot of people have done worse than her. Just because you don't like a person, it doesn't mean that they are a bad role model or person. Her being at the top is just unfair.

  • Celebrities, although celebrities, are human

    The issue is not really whether a celebrity such as Miley Cyrus is a role model but more that individuals expect that she or any other celebrity or athlete is a role model. An entertainers job is to entertain, an athletes job is to play athletics. Their career description is not role model. The people that should be hailed as role models are the people one sees and engages with everyday, parents, teachers, family friends. A criteria for a true role model should be at the very least one's ability to say they actually know the individual who is their role model. Yes, people say , when you reach a certain celebrity status you are a role model, but that's an issue with society's perception not the celebrity.

  • She never got a real childhood.

    I realize Miley has been acting a little over the edge lately, but think about it. She's been Hannah Montana since she was around 14, and never got to do anything really crazy or go and rebel because of her contract with Disney. She's now just in a stage of confusion and rebellion and we should just leave her alone and let her live her life.

  • It happens to all the Disney channel stars

    Lindsey lohan, Britney spears, and now this she isn't a bad role model its just that a lot of Disney channel stars usually turn out to become train wrecks so its not her fault its her corporation's fault so if you don't want to hear about her just don't pay attention and if you don't want any of your Disney channel stars to turn out like her just stop watching the channel

  • She is expressing herself

    She expresses herself. So many girls are self conscience and aren't proud of thier body even though she is "showing off" she is just expressing herself and being confident with her body like all girls should be. Society shouldn't be so judgemental they dont know the whole story so they cant judge her for living her life how she wants

  • No, She Is Just Trying To Live Her Life

    Being a teenager is hard enough without having to be on camera every step of the way. Miley Cyrus is not doing too bad of a job all things considered. Every American teenager will probably have to deal with problems involving drinking, drugs, and relationships. These are just issues we all have to learn how to handle.

  • Cyrus Not A Bad Role Model But Could Use Some Advice

    I don't believe that Miley Cyrus is a bad role model on a personal level but I do believe that she could use some professional advice when it comes to fashion and such decisions.

    Some of the clothes that she wears can leave a little to be desired, not just from how little she wears at times but also from a "how it looks and fits" point of view.

    In support of my headline response, she has carved a pretty successful career and is still working hard. She has also been with her current partner for around five years or so, I believe, quite a while in comparison to other notable stars of similar age.

  • She's different, but not wrong

    Miley has been acting out recently. But it's awful to hear how she is judged and critiqued for everything she does in society. The girl is trying to live her life. People choose to live their life differently. Just because miley hasn't chosen the route of getting married and having kids and raising those children to be successful doesn't mean she choose the wrong route. The thing I hate is how people say miley is a bad role model for the choices she makes, but it's how the media portrays her. Miley's decisions that she makes are private and even though they are sometimes looked down upon, she doesn't intend for kids to see them however they are constantly being played on the television. Isn't it the media sources fault? Miley promotes people to be their self, and that's the most important thing people need to understand. People need to stop following the path that's most walked on, and they need to make their own path which was what miley did. She promotes self actualization and being ones self. Miley's not a bad girl. She has a good heart and when it comes down to it, that's what people need to see her for. People need to stop being so asinine and realize Miley's not an awful person. Plus, she's probably a lot more talented and richer then you reading this! Haha jk!

  • Shes human. Stop

    On November 23, 1992, Destiny Hope Cyrus was born in Nashville, Tennessee. Known mostly as Miley Cyrus, the talented 13 year old was awarded the main role in Disney’s hit series, Hannah Montana. Starring an average teenager named Miley Stewart, the show captured her life as she took advantage of the “Best of Both Worlds,” and how she “doubled as a superstar” named Hannah Montana. In 2006, the show reached the number one spot on Billboards Top 200, and Miley began touring in 2007 after the release of her album Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus. As a fifteen year old, her life was no different than my own. She dated Nick Jonas, broke up with him, wrote the hit “7 Things I Hate About You,” dated a 20 year old model at 15, starred in the multi-million dollar movie “The Last Song,” reunited with Jonas, then dated Liam Hemsworth, and became his fiance at the age of 19. The engagement did not work out. This is when her bibliography hits a climax. On August 12th 2012, Miley cut her hair and then appeared on the MTV Music Awards along side Robin Thicke, wearing a nude bikini and no sexual subtlety. Becoming famous for her misuse of foam fingers, memes on twitter, and little care for “leaving it to the imagination,” Miley had officially recreated herself. Leaving behind the ‘Disney lifestyle’ and entering a world of media uproar and hate, Miley gained popularity, a crowd of spiteful parents, and my full fledged support. Instead of being “another child star gone wrong,” Miley was able to overcome the pressure of perfection and become the person whom she had wanted to be.

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someone1111 says2014-12-27T17:18:38.760
Miley sends bad vibes to children/teenagers and they become influence and 'inspired' to be like her - part 2

Also: for the two/more millennia the world (excluding jungle/african tribes and such) has been very modest in their dressing. Even when it is summer they would not strip to their undergarments (did you notice that the the bikini and men's/women's undergarments are strikingly similar in design?) nor invent some piece of cloth to cover their privates only (like some today), they endured and also dealt with it - with many solutions to the problem of heat. Forget about the seaside, wherever they were including the seaside, most of the populace of the world were fully clothed. Only in the last few hundred years did we start to see European royalty showcasing the breasts and bikini starting to get popular, nudity slowly getting accepted and people's standards lowering. Until then, humanity survived for some thousand years without having to strip. The only reason why it is different now, is because of people's attitudes, morals and reasoning regarding public nudity.

There are solutions, it's just a matter of whether you are bothered to try them or not. The 'why not' argument is just pointless, it is not even deemed a proper argument.

As for the 'expressing herself' argument (regarding Miley) - by dressing promiscuously your are expressing your sexual looseness and your shamelessness surely this is not what an decent individual would want to express to everyone. Also if you need to showcase your private parts* in order to feel confident that is some twisted theory. Confidence does not require nudity however nudity requires confidence. Get it?