• She's more than just crazy performances and a lover of weed!

    She may smoke weed (which doesn't hurt you) and she may do crazy provocative performances but she's more than these things. She stands up and loves her fans. She is a successful music artist either way, with her voice. She is passionate about certain issues. She cares! Miley teaches young teenagers that its okay to be who you are and not care what others think!

  • Miley cyrus is a good role model

    She isn't afraid to stand out and say that she's not that girl from Hannah Montana, people say that she is a bad influence on the children well she is a grown woman and has changed since Hannah Montana for a good few years now. So the parents if they disagree with that well why let your kids watch her, my opinion is she is a good role model because her music speaks to people she is her own person and isn't afraid to be herself. Does anything else really need to be said!!?

  • In a certain way

    She teachers kids to be themselves think of her when she was acting in "Hanna Montana". After that with peer pressure and all that isht went on she became what they call a bad girl. And many young girls are similar to her in behaviour but just because she's famous she gets treated differently

  • Who are you to judge?

    You don't know Miley. Neither do i. Going back to her VMA performance, which by the way was actually a year ago, when she danced with Robin Thicke. I would just like to point out that many girls dance like that in clubs or at parties with boys and everyone there deems it to be acceptable. The only reason Miley is being judged for it is because she, unlike the girls in clubs and at parties, is being watched and every part of her life is being picked at. Why is it acceptable for the girls to do it and not Miley you ask...Well I've just answered your question, she is famous, they, are not. Miley does lots of charity work and nowhere along the line has she changed as far as interviews etc go. She has always been like that, except we didn't know that because she was playing Hannah Montanna and hiding behind a character! Hannah was never Miley, please understand this! What she does with her life is her choice. Not ours.

  • She is a good role model

    Miley Cyrus isn't afraid to show who she is and she isn't afraid of being herself. She teaches us all to never be afraid of the society and do what you want to do. She gets hate almost all the time but she doesn't care about that. She teaches us that we should not be afraid of people who judge you and never change yourself no matter what.

  • She is a good role model

    Give her a break! She's only doing what she wants to do. Everyone has their own opinion and if you actually listen to her music and think of what she's doing it all links together and makes her who she is. She a good role model because she showing people to be themselves

  • She is living her life

    She's just a 21 year old living her life. She has donated to charities like Musicians on Call and Get Ur Good On. She's just proving that she has that star image. She is being herself and expressing her own style. I hate that people are calling her racis and a bad example, she's just doing what she does best. Being herself. There's been other celebrities doing far worst stuff like lady gaga and kesha. Sheeesh, just leave her alone.

  • She is awesome!!!!

    She shows that self expression and love is important. Her "I don't give a f*ck attitude" promoted creativity and the idea that we don't have to stick to the Status quo, which all of us know. Personality, like music, should have blurred lines. Her style of music is like a movement in pop music. What makes her any different from Beyoncé, Katy perry, lady gaga, Britney, or other pop singers when it comes to exposing her body. At least she can do it well!

  • She's a good role model

    She teaches kids to be outgoing and not to be shy, she's confident, she states her opinion, and doesn't care what people say about her and still does what she loves most no matter how many critics and tabloids make fun of her and put her down. Is that not something you want for your child?

  • Miley's a GREAT role model

    Miley teaches us that no matter what people are going to talk so who cares do what makes you happy. She shows us that people judge but once again who cares. She teaches us to forget the haters because somebody loves us. She shows females that they don't need a man to be happy. She shows us to work hard for what you want. Be ourselves, no ones perfect,and to be different because boring is different! MUST I SAY MORE?

  • She is a bad role modle

    She is a bad role model because when she was more younger she was well behaved but now she has been influenced by the crowd. And now goes on performances without no clothes. She is now a well changed person now thinks about herself and what she thinks she will look like but does not care about her fans.

  • Not for young teenagers

    She has a teenage following and she makes money out of teenagers. She should not promote sex to under age teenagers. It's not fair on the kids and it just pushes kids towards under age sex. America has sexualized young teenagers and put pressure of them to be sexual before they are mature enough.

  • I have no idea

    To be honest, I think it is really stupid as to how singers are innocent at one time "Hannah Montana" and then starts this whole song with sex and nudity the next.
    So...No she is a terrible role model and her change happened extremely quickly in my opinion - also the fact that she was in Two and Half Men (i think) was a statement to say "Yep Im brazen and im not afraid to say it" - really dont like her now.

  • Definitely not a good role model.

    Then again, which celebrity is?
    Miley Cyrus really isn't to be blamed for her behaviour. She's just doing what will make her money and keep her in the spotlight. That's the job description of a celebrity. Its just very unfortunate that the Hannah Montana fans had to witness her breakout.

  • Not right now...

    Miley Cyrus is one of my favorite female singers. However she isn't a good role model as of right now. This is because of the phase she is going through. Would you want your child behaving and dressing like Miley Cyrus 2013? I sure wouldn't. You can still look up to her, and she can be your idol, but she isn't the best influence. She is showing kids to express themselves yet, at the same time, there are some very inapropriate things she does that shouldn't ever be copied. If you watch the VMA's and don't see any red flags as to why she is a bad influence then you probably won't ever see how truly terrible she can be at times.

  • How can she be?

    Firstly, her recent video consisted of nudity and licking a hammer. Let's talk about the nudity, nudity is an offence under British and American law. It is seen as indecent exposure and sexual misconduct. Miley has younger fans from her previous fan base "Hannah Montana" so to show them this, they might even try roaming the streets without being fully clothed and get arrested by law. Clearly she is NOT good role model, nowhere near it.

  • Why would anyone in hollywood be a role model?

    Well she is if you want your daughter to grow up to be a prostitute serving harvey weinstiens every perverted fantasy about violating little blonde girls, Anyone in the media dressed like a whore is a whore male or female, Because they are all whores to the hollywood stanic elite

  • Inappropriate role model

    All she has shown throught her life is that she is a rasit drug using 25yr old who has no selfcontrol it is not someone to expose children to. She will teach kids and teens to rebel against their parents just like she has. How would you like it if your kids turned their back on you and called you a mother f*****

  • Not a good role model

    Miley Cyrus behaves in ways that only animals should behave, and even then would be wiped out by evolution. Her beliefs in ways that are appropriate to act are none other than complete rederic. The sophomoric attempt she produces at fitting into society in any way beneficial is none other than blasphemy in the sosciological standpoint. She has done nothing but harm today's youth and bring about danger to society to come, not only with behavior, but also with contraction of veneral diseases. Miley is no more than the scum that lines a crock pot if left untreated by dish detergent.

  • She's an awful influence

    We teens are so confused at our young age, these years are filled with huge pressure and change and we feel so lost, confused, and trapped we forget how to be happy. We want to be happy and confident very badly, but we have no idea how. So when we see someone like Miley who claims to have it all, who seems so happy and confident, we want to be just like them, hoping to get the same result... Happiness... But guess what will happen when we start getting high and drunk, grinding and making out with the first person to be nice to us at a party and God knows what else... It will probably ruin our lives... And all because all a bad example...
    -Minely Millan

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