• Miley is so attractive

    She is so confident in herself 1st off, she isn’t afraid of what others think of her. But that isn’t why I think she is beautiful. I find her body stunning and her smile so stunning, any person would be so lucky to be in her presence. Love you Miley

  • She is a confident and very out there

    Miley is a confident strong very attractive woman to at least me and I admire that in her. I think she has a great singing voice I mean it's not usally the sort of music I listen too but that doesn't stop it from being awesome. I know she can act a little slutty but that's just how she is I guess I can't change that you people find that cringey but I think that is just how she is and I wouldn't want to change her so yeah that's my opinion.

  • Is Miley Attractive

    No, Not to me at least, Not with this blond hair, flat jiggly ass, disgusting, costume she is trying wear. When she had brown hair. I thought she was a least cute but, now Ill have a russian bride for 2000 thank you. Im surprised some of my fellow men find her attractive but, some do.

  • No not at all

    Don’t get me wrong she can pull off short hair better than most girls but even beforehand she had a very gummy smile and a large forehead. No, she’s just not attractive at all. At least she has a good voice though. Her hair was literally one of the only good features she had.

  • Tries so SOOOOO hard to make you think she's hot... But unfortunately, "you can put lipstick on a pig..."

    ...Ok she's not actually a "pig." That's definitely too harsh, and I'm not a hater. I do think her particular musical style is fucking awful, but I certainly acknowledge that her voice is more than technically good. In fact, I've always liked female vocals that have a nice low register. But she is just not at all hot. I'm sorry, it's just not happening. And I'm not at all a conservative or a prude. I don't think she's a scourge on America's daughters or whatever. She just isn't sexy, and the more she whips out her va-jayjay and shakes her A-cups, and tweaks her bony little ass til the "crack" of dawn (pun very much intended)... The more I am reminded that I wouldn't f*ck that with a koala bear's d1ck, let alone my own. Xoxoxo;) ...Muah, imo of course!

  • Boyish and dull

    She sounds like a weird boy, or a girl with a stern dull voice, and her face is not cute at all. She looks like a boy. Her attitude only makes it worse for her, I hope she fades away silently and is replaced by something attractive to look at in the media.

  • Less appealing than Donald Trump.

    She's crass, abrasive and lacking in absolutely any moral character. Her face is simply unattractive, she has the body of an 11 year old boy. Everything she does is offensive, annoying and uninteresting. Anyway this is the last thought I'll ever have of her, only happened because I saw her on SNL.

  • 8 year old boy

    I mean, c'mon....Her face is pretty in some angles but body and clothing is a miss. The strung out look isn't the most attractive to add to a young boys body. I'm built like a teen but I class it up, and I don't over use drugs or wear clunky shoes and thrift store inspired clothing. Mari Jane will fry ya brain

  • No Miley Cyrus is not attractive

    As a male, I would not consider Miley Cyrus to be attractive even though she used to be. Before she became over exposed and dressing way too provocatively, Miley Cyrus was very cute and attractive. But nowadays I think that her new hairstyle and her overall attitude towards life makes her unattractive.

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