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  • She's growing up

    Not to mention in front of the whole world. I think everyone gets confused about the role she played as a kid (Hannah Montana) for who she really is. She's now becoming a young adult with her own ideas and ambitions. Everyone views her as going off the deep end, when in fact, she's liberating herself. She's becoming her own person. Regardless if that involves 'twerking' and sexual things. Anything that Miley has done or said are all things that young adults her age are doing! She just so happens to be one of the most famous people in the world and everyone gets to judge her for it. She's not your role model, she's her own person who doesn't follow the cookie cutter label.

  • People Say So but No

    People keep saying Miley Cyrus has gone crazy and gone off the deep end, but I'm sorry but when was freedom taken away from us? Miley is welcomed to cut her hair and sing new songs and do weird dances, that's the beauty of America, you can be who you want to be.

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