• She is indeed on drugs

    A snap of a finger transformation? A normal person can change step by step. Its like as an artist. You are preparing the viewer that you will not be like before. Who on earth will made something like that? Is she like imitating lady gaga? Well.. She cant. Lady gaga's way is far more intelligent than what she's doing. If she cant move on with Liam, that doesn't mean that she will do something stupid like that.

  • She is definitely on drugs

    She has something mentally wrong, she is crazy. Why else would she twerk when she has no butt and lick Barbie dolls. She also licks hammers, that is very bad for her health and naked on metal is just wrong! So like I said at the beginning she is CRAZY!

  • Yes crazy girl

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  • Might be .. Or not..

    I feel really sorry for Miley. I think she's just really heartbroken and crazy after her breakup with Liam and maybe she wants to show that she's broken and untamable. I used to really enjoy watching Hannah Montana when i was young and seeing her like this really made me sad. When I watched her "wrecking ball" music video, I know that she was naked and licking a hammer.. Even I thought there was something weird about her and I noticed she wanted to show she's broken and has changed after that ass (Liam) changed her into this. She might be.. But I really.. Hope not.

  • Maybe, maybe not!

    She could've been on them for the music awards, but as for the music video wrecking ball, if you listen carefully to the lyrics, it's a love story about her and Liam, how it broke her heart to let him go. She will always love him. Her being naked symbolises how she is stripped down because of the breakup, like everything went with him. The wrecking ball shows how him leaving has wrecked her life and she will not forget. So just think about it.

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