• Maybe not, but consider this...

    Your right she does have a right to live her life the way she wants, but take into account the fact that millions of little girls look up to her as an idol. There are 4th graders in my town who talk about sex and doing drugs. The actions of celebrities such as Miley Cirus rub off on the young, undevolped minds that admire those people and follow in their footsteps.

  • Indeed she is

    I believe she is becoming a whole new person or a person who was hiding deep inside. She is definitely trying to get rid of the Hannah Montana image. She ruined her marriage with Liam Hemsworth and now it is her careers turn. She is like a good girl gone bad.

  • She is flushing her career down the drain.

    Hyper-sexuality at the turn of a career is a sure sign of desperation to not be seen as the old, innocent figure people remember them as.
    Unfortunately her behavior will not engender support from the public, and will only serve to out herself from the lime-light until she hits rock bottom from drugs, or learns to live a quiet life not as a celebrity.

  • To extreme in a bad way!

    She always has her tongue out for no apparent reason, some of the stuff in her song are good but when you watch the music videos to her song everything leaves you with a WTF on your mind, and what the hell is going through your head!
    If her songs correlated to her videos then it would make sense but to much going on and to EXTREME in a bad way

  • She needs to cover up.

    She used to be a person girls could look up to, now she is out of control. It is sad to see how she has become. This girl needs a lesson in class. Why do stars think they have to act like this for the public to see they have grown up?

  • She fell from greatness all too soon.

    A few years ago, while I never was a big fan of her, I respected her and acknowledged the fact that she was an excellent role model to those who saw her as one. However, these past couple of months I have been very surprised and even disgraced by her actions and newest music. She's going through a tough time, that's something I can understand - your parents splitting up and breaking up with the person you thought was 'the one' is incredibly tough. I've been there. But, it doesn't mean that you have to change your entire image just to make yourself feel better. As several other opinions here are saying, just be yourself, Miley. This weird act you have going on is getting you nowhere, and I promise you that you'll be losing a lot of respect with the way you're going.

  • An Angel from heaven, to Devil from hell?

    Miley Cyrus used to be my inspiration, my role model, and I was her #1 fan... Until her whole life turned upside down! Miley Cyrus, if you're reading this, I just wanted to say I understand that you're going through a rough life with your parents getting a divorce and you and your boyfriend falling apart... Miley, it doesn't mean you should change your life around by being a person who makes these disgusting videos and changing your looks. I'm not saying I don't like you, I just don't like what you've become... I'm just speaking the truth and I'm sure you still have that sweet adorable and appropriate side of yours... So Miley just be yourself, your sweet innocent self... And also Miley just a little advice drugs don't solve your problems so quit it... For me please I miss my beautiful lovely nice #1 pop star!

  • Yes. Look at her now and look at where she was.

    She used to be a role model of girls and all the guys used to think she was attractive. I thought she was awesome! But now I have lost all respect for her and whenever I think of Miley Cyrus I either associate it with the word "twerk" or "whore" . Her new songs are good but her music videos are a disappointment. I really like the song but then I see the video and instantly dislike the song. Everyone`s "Hateing" on her because she's lost all self respect for herself. I'm not sure whether it is to loose the good girl status or she's insecure and wants to show everyone she a rebel but its really making people look down on her.

  • Desperation is her weakness

    Her desperation to change her image will lead her down a bad path. Many singers that try to take on the "bad girl" or "bad boy" help gain some fame, but they start to plummet into pressure and drugs. Her first few songs after her Disney career helped her look at least grown out of Disney; those songs were not bad. She might be getting more attention for making a drastic, unnecessary change, but she is being more infamous. So far people have just been heckling her.

  • Yes and why

    From being the star of Hannah Montana to sitting on a wrecking ball naked I think if I was miley I would just stay as an actor and singer but not do what she's doing now its just shocking I am shocked even her boyfriend is upset with what she's doing

  • No, Miley is on a rampage to prove she is ALL GROWN UP EVERYBODY!!!!!

    No more prettyicky sparklynarkly Disney princesssy! Sure, there's all the criticism, but as Miley doesn't give a s---to being a role model (pfft) or to her critics , her career is just going to keep continuing. Why? Consider the society we live in, people. Permissiveness abounds-look at all the other celebrities-Madonna, Lady Gaga, Robin Thicke's MV, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and you get the idea. There are a lot of suggestive songs out there! Yet, what is puzzling is my gym teachers play songs such as "Teenage Dream" when we're playing basketball. If teachers are allowed to play such straightforwardly suggestive songs, then our society has clearly reached a new level. This is why Miley's career is just starting, because many people can accept what she's doing right now. In fact, we should brace ourselves for the next Miley outrage.

  • The key word here is "career" not "image".

    Now don't get me wrong-I am disgusted with how Miley Cyrus is acting. It's sickening, and I would never support it in any way. Here's the thing though-everyone is looking at the wrong picture. Some of you bring up the fact that she can do what she wants with her body, act grown up; but this is about her career, not her self image. Others of you say that she's ruining young minds, bad role model, but again, this isn't about her self image! It's about her career; and if you really look at it, her career is not going to be ruined anytime soon. Look at Robin Thicke, for example; I haven't watched it, but I have heard that one version of his music video-and apparently it's pretty popular-has naked women on it. Disgraceful, but it has started to become accepted in our society today, and it is being a big hit-the song, singer, and video alike. The only real reason that we are talking about MIley Cyrus is because she used to be the pop star of both worlds-the model every girl looked at. And all of a sudden, she isn't. So that is really the only reason we are talking about this right now. Her behavior is despicable, that's true-but after a while, people would forget about it and accept her like many other singers who have done the same thing if not worse.

  • Are people Focusing on her?

    The point of an entertainer is to get people focused and talking about them. They could honestly care less about how people feel about them. All she has done is avert attention towards herself, which will ultimately lead to profit in one way or another. And really? Is she honestly doing something so provocative that can be seen with simple clicks on the computer (i.E. Porn). I'm not condoning her stunts or what people do on the internet but she just simply isn't "ruining" her career.

  • Actually, she is not

    To imply that Miley Cyrus is ruining her career following her disastrous VMA's stunt and subsequent acts of retardation are ruining her career implies that her career wasnt ruined to begin with. Which would be a false assumption to make. Miley's career had gone to sh*t long before any of this other stuff started happening, and you cannot kill something that is already dead.

  • Well yeah ..

    No because she's doing exactly what her manager is asking her to do. Her manager has done "target market" research for her performances, secretly a majority of people are enjoying what she is bringing to the table. Plus if you listen to some of her lyrics (recently Wrecking Ball) the lyrics most people could relate to therefore more and more people would want to listen to it and buy it increasing her salary and her hits.

  • It is a bussiness thing

    We are forgetting that every famous artist have publicists and a marketing machine that crafts his/her image. It is a televised show, of course the performance was intended, the results were also probably intended, they were probably going with the old good girl gone bad image. The music industry is being sexualized, she decided to go with the wave. So believe it or not, it will not ruin her career, but her image's ruined.

  • Not a failure

    She's still making tons of money, filling the seats and selling a ridiculous amount of records, so I can't see how her career is being wrecked. She's got the voice, but I don't like her music. It's commercial over-produced pop crap to me. I'm a rocker. What I don't like about Cyrus and dozens of other acts is the commercialism. And the influences of nepotism. Celebrities spawn more celebrities. It's like a kid's birthright to have doors swing open if their parents were in the business. It blocks others from entering the business. I'm quite sure there are many thousands of singers just as talented or more talented than Cyrus. But they'll never be seen. Do you really think anybody would have ever heard of Miley Cyrus if her Dad had not recorded Achey Breaky Heart? One of the dumbest songs ever, by the way. For boot-slapping hicks.

  • No. She knows what she is doing and is smart as a whip

    Most young actors and actresses faid but not Miley. She did what she had to do to get in the spotlight. She got poppularity and good for her... Now she is calming down but once she starts to faid in the public eye she will shock us again but she knows how to take care of her self... More power to her, she has us all where she wants us.

  • I think she isn't ruining her career

    She still makes good music in my opinion. Therefore I think she isn't ruining her career. I think that she has her own life to live. If she wants to lick stuff let her lick it. What many people don't realize is that the role model that you saw on TV, wasn't the real Miley. The fans confuse the role and the actress. For example you like the character Alex Russo but not of Selina Gomez. It's the same here with Miley. Disney created the character Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus was a role the actor Miley Cyrus played. I am sorry Hannah fans, Hannah Montana was gone the moment the last episode aired. She has probably been this way her whole life only she couldn't show it. She has the right to be who she is. We should respect her because she respects us too.

  • Shock value works.

    Miley Cyrus has gone from a B-List Disney Channel celebrity to a headline topping superstar. And yeah, her music isn't good. It's awful. Obviously. And her performances are gross. And MASSIVELY pornographic. But porn sells! She has capitalized on controversy. A technique that has been used for centuries. One commonly known as shock value. Martin Luther used it when he nailed his 99 Theses to the door of the Vatican. John Lennon once posed fully nude in a photograph and had the picture published to national newspapers! Shock value has a proven value in society, and Miley Cyrus knows it.

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savvga13 says2013-09-14T01:42:40.503
Suddenly, I realized she was only twenty. At least Selena Gomez is 21. Although they really can't compare.
Ayrus says2013-09-14T08:47:03.877
After her disgusting performances in the MTV VMA award show , i am sure she has lost many fans all over the world, including me. With her new album titled 'Bangerz' and her latest song 'Wrecking ball' (which is actually a hit, absurd). I mean she doesn't have to go down this road for fame. She used to be teenage idol for many kids and now i dont know what had gotten into her. She definetely has to change the path where she's going.