• Miley IS smart!

    She's a business woman... She WANTS people to talk about her because crazy sells in this world of ours and she knows that. Is she getting arrested left and right? No! Is she causing any direct damage to any people? No! All she is doing is flaunting her assets and there is nothing wrong with that. She's going "crazy" because she's old enough to party and she goes out and does it. She's "crazy because she shows belly and leg at the same time. But one at a time is okay? Leave her alone... She's getting paid without hurting you in the process. Don't like her? Don't pay attention to her then!

  • Yes, I think Miley Cyrus is smart.

    Yes, I think Miley Cyrus is smart. However, she is very misguided. She is stumbling through life and trying to find her niche. She's trying to escape her kid friendly image and is acting like trash in order to do so, and is quickly becoming a laughing stock. I think she is intelligent but needs to consider her decisions better.

  • Every circus needs a ringmaster

    The simple fact that Miley Cyrus has generated a great deal of controversy and media coverage is evidence of smart business planning. Simply cutting the hair on the sides of her head and dancing seductively has sold millions of records. Miley Cyrus has simply repackaged Madonna and sold it to Generation Y, in my opinion.

  • Not smart, not stupid either.

    She understands that sex sells, but does that really account as being smart? How do we know she isn't being told to do all of these things that get her so much coverage? She isn't smart. She's average of intelligence. Also a tad crazy.
    (Let's not forget the fact that she told her producer to make her album sound "black")

  • ...Average...Like most of us.

    She's good at the whole making people talk thing, but honestly anybody knows sex and controversy sells, doesn't take a genius. Judging by how much she talks about herself leads me to believe that's all she knows. To me smart means well rounded, I hardly see her trying to further her education in any other aspect of her life.

  • Nope, nope. Nope

    She's smart enough to understand that there is no way to be on the spotlight other than appearing nude all the time. Honestly we've seen every part of her. If she was smart she would find a way to be appreciatted by both men and women. She puts us down as a gender.

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