• Miley Cyrus is trying to be like Madonna

    Miley is not trying to be like Rihanna, she's trying to be like Madonna. She is doing all of the same stunts that Madonna did back in the '80s. She's shocking people, she's putting on controversial performances at the VMAs, she's terrifying conservative America, and she's topping the charts. Miley is walking in Madonna's path step by step.

  • YUP very much so!

    From her look, to her sound to her persona. I know she looks up to her but now its just getting a little weird. Just watched the SNL persona, she basically took RiRi's "tshirt look", and (like so many other) her hand jewelry, long nails, hand tattoos etc. Find your own identity, you're just looking like a cheap copycat.

  • Miley Virus Not Suitable for Kids

    Miley Cyrus isn't trying to be like Rihanna. She's more like a freaky version of Nicki Minaj and Marilyn Manson combined. She's not trying to be like Rihanna--Miley Virus is trying to show she's not Disney's little starlet anymore. Just like Britney Spears (former Mousketeer) and Lindsay Lohan have tried to become different people once they turned 18. It's all an act, but Cyrus is disturbing nonetheless. It's already cost her a relationship, what's next?

  • Absolutely not she's just creating a new image

    Miley is simply trying to regain her popularity. She was probably sick to death of her old goodie-goodie persona and felt like it wasn't the real her. Sure, she has been influenced by other artists on the pop scene, but all of them appropriate, that's what the industry -infact most art industries- are all about.

  • She is worse than Riri actually.

    Once i thought there is no other artist who provokes as much as Rihanna does. That was when s&m was realeased and i listened to some other shocking lyrics in her talk that talk album. But then this prostitute (miley) came up. She appears naked publicly and generally shocks too much. I don't know if she tries to copy Rihanna but she's trying to be the most provocative out there. Maybe Riri likes to provoke but at least she has some class(not always but sometimes).

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