• Yes it is

    I'm doing an essay on this right now. I say yes because you can use it for Geometry and you can build historical figures to show your teacher your knowledge of that subject. If you go to MinecraftEDU.Com it'll show you a video of a class using it for math.

  • Minecraft is very educational

    I do love minecraft as a game but it includes a ton of education. It has depiction making and strategy in it. For example when you are playing you think to yourself should I go in the cave or not. Also you have to use pros vs cons to figure out where to build your house.

  • Math, math everywhere.

    Minecraft has a lot of mathematics in it. In order to build a structure you need to do a lot of multiplication and addition to know how much material you need to produce it. Even the combat takes math. Armor reduces damage by 8% per level up to 80% less damage. This causes the effective health of a mob to be its health divided by the quantity of 1 minus .08 level of armor.

  • Not Only is it fun...

    It Is indeed edcutational. You can learn math by making Arrays Using Blocks, Also, it Can help you with typing due to the fact of the WASD Keys you constantly Use, ( Also, Of Course, Typing with other classmates ) Like the person above me Said, Redstone is also another Reason, repeaters Count Seconds, You need to know How long the wire Needs to be, Ect.

  • 1. Redstone 2. Build

    Minecraft is educational because it includes redstone which is used for mathematical reasons, the repeaters use seconds to measure the time of the activation of the redstone. Building your houses is also educational because of the building. Also building the house has many ways you could do it so the difference is educational.

  • Fallacies and Falsehoods

    First things first, I think everyone in this debate is talking about just stock Minecraft, no mods installed. Secondly, my perspective is of a longtime Minecraft player, utilizing single-player, LAN multiplayer, and server multiplayer, and one who has created a functioning redstone tank. Now, onto my rebuttal and bringing in facts!
    The "Yes" arguments all focus around "can" rather than "will". Because there is nothing that forces, or even encourages, educational use (redstone, "arrays" etc.), it cannot be said to be truly educational. Building a structure is not necessarily educational, simply because of Minecraft physics. So long as you don't build your house out of sand (impossible in any case, at least with a ceiling), you are not forced to obey any laws of physics.

  • Not At All

    I lIke Minecraft... But it is just so ridiculously impossible. You can make a pick axe or a sword out of sticks and stone, iron, etc. Chest can hold insane amounts of things. You just build straight up by jumping and placing a block. "Ridiculous" If TNT explodes in front of you, you're still alive. By giving an animal wheat or meat and give another creature of the same kind wheat or meat they "breed" which apparently is just the two creatures shoving their faces in each other's head.

  • Minecraft is not realistic at all.

    In Minecraft, you can carry 2,304 pieces of stone. In real life, could anyone do that? No. If we listen to minecraft, lets all go build a house out of sand because in minecraft I can! In real life, can you form a pickaxe with sticks and wood and all of a sudden it becomes one? No. But in minecraft you can. Are there zombies in real life? No. But in minecraft there are. As a gamer,minecraft not only disconnects you from the real world, it also teaches you nothing about the real world.

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