• Can cause violent behavior

    My 13-year-old cousin is way too addicted to Minecraft to the point where he has major behavior problems. It has gotten to the point to where he actually hit his own mother he refused to come with her to go out an eat. Out of all days he chose to make this dumb decision, it was Mother's Day because. His older brother had to step in to stop him. He also has absolutely no respect for his elders. The reason why I think this is because the only thing he plays is Minecraft for way too long, and his behavior has gotten much more worse after he received a premium account. It must be the thing that's influencing him to be this way.

  • Just because there is no blood? Seriously?

    I keep reading "it's not violent because there is no blood.". It doesn't matter folks! I don't wa my 7 year old pretending to shoot anything period. Gory or not. Why can't it be just about building why zombies and killing. No need! It takes the focus out of the creativity of the game and for young 4-12 year olds it can become about the hunt:-(.

  • Yes, who can say that it is not violent

    Well for starters, people DIE you KILL people and you can use GUNS, set things on FIRE and BLOW things and people up and don't get me started on poisoning potions and those other bad potions. I have had friends who have told me they built a village and i see it and it is BEAUTIFUL then the set off a trigger and they blow it all up and there was villagers and everything. And if something survived they would blow it up or set it on fire. And they just laugh and laugh, ITS NOT FUNNY!!! :-(

  • What Are Your Actions?

    Look at the mods, look at the mini-games. Any clue where this is going? My son has made a room full of dogs then set them on fire. This is a child who does everything he can to be non-violent. Completely unacceptable behavior for anyone. I like the building aspect, but I think certain concessions were made for the video game blood lust.

  • It is very violent, you have to kill others in order to survive. Its like Hungergames with Blocks, Blocks of violents!

    It is very violent, you have to kill others in order to survive.
    Its like Hungergames with Blocks, Blocks of violence!
    And the movie is for 12 and up, people DIE!!!!
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  • Why kill to survive?

    Why do i have to kill animals to get food? Sure you can build farms
    but to build farms you need to survive long enough to make a farm getting apples is hard and why do i need monsters attcking me? I don't need monsters attaking me to survive! This could all be fixed if mojang made something like a in-game punishment to violence! And just remove monsters! But of coarse mojang is not gonna make minecraft less violent because then it would get less popular!

  • I have lost my 36 year old son to minecraft!!!!!!!!!

    My 27 year old son was addicted to minecraft, he would spend hours on end fixated to his screen playing minecraft. I said to him "Your 37 years old you need to get a job" but he attacked me with his foam diamond sword that i got him for his 43rd birthday. I asked him " at 25 years old why don't you take out the trash" and he broke down crying even though he was 35 years old but acting like he was 7. Unfortunately been a young 28 year old he decided to attended mine con when he was 36 years old and he started attacking people as he was outraged with the latest update. This vicious attack ended with a high speed chase where my 70 year old son's car was hit by a milk truck and he died on contact.

    Let this be a lesson to anyone that wants to let their 63 year old son play roblox.

  • Semi violent but not to violent

    Minecraft is not very violent, just got red. It has know blood or anything like that. It is not like pokemon which is very violent, it is very creative. The only thing bad about minecraft is the App Store is saying minecraft is for 4 year olds plus, which four year olds would be scared of zombies. At some schools you have to be year 3 to play minecraft.

  • Very violent indeed

    The concept of Minecraft is to enter a new world and tear down the natural creatures habitats to create giant houses and mansions. Not only does it do this but to survive at the begining of the game you must slaughter these innocent creatures for food. In order to complete the game you have to kill the shy inhabitants who are peaceful till you stare them down and steal their eyes then enter an alternate dimension to slay yet another innocent creature.

  • My kid ate my dog because of minecraft!

    My son lost his dog in minecraft after mining and the dog went into lava he went into a violent rampage about his dead virtual dog and said he couldnt take looking at our real dog so he took a massice foam sword and beat the dog to death he then said i need v bucks and ate the dog. Is it time to put my son down? I hate minecraft because it ruined my family. My dog was my husband I am so sad can we get an f in the chat.

  • Blame the player not the game!

    I read through a couple of the comments at the top and I song one mom complaining that her child build a room full of dogs and set it on fire. But I wouldn't blame Minecraft of this. If your son set a room of dogs on fire he did it by himself Minecraft has no tutorials and cannot give you suggestions. You can't say that this mechanic was editing for just some quick glass because it's a damage mechanic that's killing the dogs. How do you know that your son does not like violence he may have kept this a secret from you have no idea.

  • This is not a violent game at all.

    The game is about imagination, not violence. My brother and I played together and we had no difficulties with the game. If you guys do think this amazing game is violent, change the world settings to peaceful. That way, you would have no zombies or creepers, just to name a few.
    Not violent.

  • Dumbasses need some education

    Minecraft is a game of building and learning. The very ad for minecraft is directly targeted at kids because why?? ITS A KIDS GAME. If your kid spends to much time playing games each day and then throws a hitting screaming temper tantrum when you take them off the game then that is bad parenting. Clearly some else here besides the kid needs a reeducation.


    Seriously. The Graphics are as realistic as Pacman. Just because you punch things doesn't make you violent. It's almost like "Mario is Violent because you jump on Turtles". This. Makes. No. Sense. At. All. Just...... Why? Why would someone think that Minecraft is violent in any freaking way at all?

  • No It's not

    It is all about building, and a lot of young kids have played it. Most people I know have at least tried it once. It is like imagination, things that were impossible can be real, and it even has bits of boolean logic, which makes it very educational compared to games like terraria

  • It is not violent!

    Minecraft is not violent it brings out your creativity, some people just don't like the game so they say its violent when in reality its not really, and just because it flashes red when you hit something doesn't mean its violent some kids get creative and make mini-games with item.

  • The game is not focused on vilonce

    If your child is vilont after playing Minecraft it is likely that your child is vilont not the game. If you are truly worred about your child seeing a pixielat spider turn red for a split second then just make your child play peaceful mode wich has no monsters or creative wich just focuses on the building rather then surviveing.

  • There is no violence

    For instance Minecraft is not violent because first of all there is no gore, second of all there are no duns, and lastly the worst that happens when you "hit" someone is they turn red for about a second. This is why I believe Minecraft is not violent. = )

  • No because it's not about fighting but building

    It encourages creativity and is even being used In some schools because it can make some math related things easier. BUT it can be a real time waster. Example: a 9 year kid I know played a little over 7 hours a day. Definatly not good to be on any video game that long

  • No It Is Not!

    Is its violent when u install mods like blood magic or if u play mods but a lot of people don't like mods so i don't think this is a violent game it has swords and mobs but the sword is meant for defending. Minecraft is a Creative And Was Meant to build things u think is cool like pixel art or sky scrapers and much more.

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