• CoD is boring!

    You can build, get mods, texture packs, and play on PS4/etc, Xbox/etc, tablet,phone/etc, PC/laptop. It's the best game on the planet! You can only do nightmares, courses, other things, etc etc etc, and in Minecraft, there's even a CoD texture pack and mod XD so, you better quit CoD and start Minecraft!

  • COd is a simple dumb game.

    Minecraft is a game that you can do anything! Build, grief, get beloved mods of things you like. For example, I love pixelmon, that stuff. Terraria is worse. You cant do as much as minecraft. Search up on wikipedia on both of them. Minecraft has so many fun things that everyone would love. You can even get the call of duty mod. Minecraft is brainwork. Anyone can play it. I vote Minecraft!!!

  • Why is this even a question?

    Like for reals, this isnt even a competition. Minecraft is a far superior to game then Call of Duty. Its a unique, calming, and completely pleasant breath of fresh air in an industry rife with games that are all so similar to CoD its hard to tell them apart. Minecraft is a gem of a game thag will likely be played decades from now. I give CoD maybr 10 more years as a franchise, top.

  • It's a CAD game

    Minecraft is like a computer aided drafting and design game. I am trying to learn AutoCAD right now, and it is so hard that my eyeballs are going to pop out. Minecraft is more like Google Sketchup, but its still basically the same.

    If kids get really good at Minecraft, they will already have most of the basics they will need to create a good CAD drawing, except learning the interface.

    So it's fun and learning!

  • As it currently stands, I think they're both crap and their respective fanbases are awful.

    However, I think that Minecraft has more potential than the latest Call of Duty installments, particularly in terms of moddability, creativity, and sheer time-wasting. You're essentially doing only one thing in CoD, and that's killing. You can unlock all sorts of guns, attachments, and whatnot, but it all contributes to that one goal. Minecraft, on the other hand, gives you many more things to do, and mods can give you even more content. You can create, destroy, and survive, and if you have other people to play with, you can cooperate and compete in any and all of those goals. Neither of these games are particularly stellar, but Minecraft is the better game.

  • Same s**t different year

    I used to like Call of Duty, I used to play it all day every day but soon I realized it was the same game just with a different name and recycled content every year. While I don't really like Minecraft or Call of Duty, I have to say Minecraft is better content wise. In Minecraft you have freedom to do whatever YOU want. In COD it's shoot this thing, stab this thing...KILL ALL THE THINGS.

  • It promotes creativity

    Among other things, Minecraft has demonstrated It's ability to encourage users to utilize creative thinking as well as problem solving and spacial awarenes in order to build and construct incredible things. This type of brain-training is benificial for anyone and everyone who would partake in it. As for COD, I firmly believe it to be inferior: although it possesses superb tactical and strategical challenges, overall it condones a limited worldview of violence and the bleak possibility of death. In minecraft, you don't have to kill if you don't want to- and that's just the beginning of it. Minecraft wins hands down.

  • Minecraft is best

    (Texting language used) u think that minecraft is dumb? Well, I don't because even though it is short on weapons, we have survival mode which everyone seems to forget in this argument. We make roller coasters in creative, watch our back in survival (especially hardcore) and guess what cod lovers, we use command blocks to creat amazing servers AND if we wanted to, could copy your whole game and make a minecraft version of it. GET REKT COD (even though it has some good aspects)

  • COD represents violence

    COD isn't a very good game as loads of young people play this and already get thoughts of violence in their head at a young age. This can spoil minds as they may think it is alright to just pull a gun out and threaten someone or maybe even shoot them. COD is a great game for elder people, but too many 10 year olds play it. Whereas Minecraft is a game about creativity, you can do anything and it makes a good impression. As well as just building blocks, you can join servers and play literally over 1000s of minigames. This is just my opinion though.

  • Minecraft is the best

    It is depending on you or who you are in my opinion I see that minecraft is way too cooler than call of duty in minecraft you get the freedom to do anything you want play in servers online in call of duty you have to war and kill people

  • Minecraft should suk deez nutz

    COD is WAYYYYY better then stupid old minecraft and BTW notch is fat and in COD there is an objective to the game and in minecraft you can do whatever you want which is the boring part and BTW minecraft really gives u eye problems and which is why I have glasses now. And cod is a GREAT fps (frames per second) game and minecraft is all blocky and not 3 dimensional and COd has guns which is the fun part

    if you do not agree with me then just reply to me and if u like minecraft you are retarded and have no life

  • COD is the better game

    If we are pulling the entertainment card here, then it goes to COD. It might promote violence but some studies show that it makes your reflexes much faster. It gives you challenges you must overcome to be able to move on. That's the fun part. Minecraft also has killing in it so that has nothing to do with it. Depending on what you do with your Minecraft is up to you but in my opinion COD is way more exciting. There's not really "levels" on Minecraft just different universes or options to do.

  • COD is way better

    Well its funny how people think that a game with blocks is better than a hit fps game

    Those people are crazy I mean like we are not in loser vill where people go home like zombies and say I must have minecraft we are in a new century now so get over a over rated game seriously

  • Call of duty 4 da win

    Call is dutys better becuase is better it has better graphics than mine craft and actually has a objective to the game and minecraft hurts ur eyes.And look it up cod better im very good at cod.Minecraft sucks period peaple.Peaple who play minecraft most likely have no life.But we have diffrent appinions

  • Call of duty 4 da win

    Call is dutys better becuase is better it has better graphics than mine craft and actually has a objective to the game and minecraft hurts ur eyes.And look it up cod better im very good at cod.Minecraft sucks period peaple.Peaple who play minecraft most likely have no life.But we have diffrent appinions

  • All kids/ Squeekers

    So many squeekers are on minecraft it's hard to actually find people that have actually hit puberty also it's not any fun, by that I mean there's no point, if minecraft had
    A campaign then it would be kind of better, but not very much at all.. Thank you and bye

  • Call Of Duty is way better than Minecraft.

    Minecraft,the sandbox building game,where you can BUILD whatever your heart desires,is EXTREMELY limited as terms of weaponry,and you do not have Fun extra Things such as Mob of The Dead,Tranzit,Vet eran Campaign,or even guns.COD is way better.In the other hand,i say pretty much every Video Game is better than Minecraft.INCLUDING LEGO Batman 3:BEYOND GOTHAM,Terraria,Destiny,The Arkham series and more.

  • Cod is better for older kids

    If your a little kid I see why you will think Minecraft is better. Sure it's a bit more creative but it's boring I mean once you build something it sits there and that time wasted and there's not much to fight. In cod u r shooting, running around, constantly watching your back which makes it intense. So I belive that both games are good just the certain type of people might like one over the other. Cod is for people who like fast intense games. Mine craft is for the relaxed creative type people.

  • It really depends on who you are

    This question is extremely dependant on who you are, your likes, dislikes etc. We have to look at the question though, "Is Minecraft BETTER than Call Of Duty?" No, I say their quite equal. If your younger and more creative than obviously Minecraft is the way to go. However if you are older and more competitive Call of Duty might be a better game for you. As I said in the beginning it pretty much all comes down to preference. Thank you :).

  • You cannot compare these games to each other.

    Minecraft is a survival based game in which you are a miner who can create objects, or explore maps. Call of Duty is a war based game that has a plot line and specific goals that need to be completed. COD eventually ends Minecraft never ends until you turn off the console.

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