• It totally is better, i hate don't starve, and love minecraft, especially survival craft.

    It is a building world that you can play with friends or all by yourself, and don't starve sucks all the fun in survival games. Also I LOVE The Hunger Games, the land I get, is the arena and I build a Cornucopia, and the underground land, is where you go up, oh, and the ports that you stand on before the games start, those too, and again Don't Starve' sucks the life out of everything. That's my opinion, XOXO.

  • More of a survival game

    Don't starve is more of survival and more of a challenge. Also there is way more to explore because once you explore the surface you get to explore the caves, then the ruins. Also reign of giants is amazing because you get more seasons and more stuff. Also there is more bosses in don't starve.

  • Minecraft is awesome

    Minecraft is my favorite game and on kids choice awards I voted minecraft the most addicting game. Its a game of survival and fun. I read someones argument and I don't even know who Willson is! Don't starve didn't even get nominated for most addicting game! So I state my point.

  • Minecraft 100000 dont starve 100

    Minecraft is WAY better because u can build stuff, make redstone contraptions , fight cool monsters , get mods , get to different dimensions and much more i think minecraft is better and i think dont starve sucks because u have to make a campfire or boom ur world is gone forever ..

  • Minecraft is so creative

    Don't starve is fun and all, but Minecraft, you can be so creative with your builds instead of don't starve. There isn't as much stuff in Don't starve as much as Minecraft. Minecraft is a fun game, you can do so much more like hardcore, adventure, creative, or even survival.

  • MInecraft is not just a game, it's a more like a world for invention.

    In minecraft, you can create almost anything, and i mean anything! You can play it like a RPG game, or multiplayer like DOTA, but for me, the best part of minecraft is that you can create all kinds of mechanism and machines to do all kinds of stuff for you, which is kinda of game for geek. For me, it's not the creeper that is fascinating, it's the redstone that is so fantastic. All hail redstone!

  • Minecraft is awesome no matter what

    Don't get me wrong, Don't Starve is an awesome game. I myself have spent hours playing it. But, Minecraft is just so much more creative. It is a totally original idea while I have played many other games that are either similar or exactly alike to Don't Starve. Also in Minecraft, people have dedicated hours of tedious work to improve the gameplay of Minecraft. One more thing, to all the people who say Minecraft graphics stink, I won't argue with you. It is not as good as other games. But that is how it was made. If you strip down Don't Starve from it's different characters and awesome artwork, what do you get? A generic two dimensional survival simulation. Another thing is that what about minecraft maps? They make Minecraft plenty more challenging than Don't Starve. Herobrine's Mansion one and two anyone? I don't know about you but to me, that was VERY challenging. Another thing is that what about hardcore mode? It says it in the name. HARDcore. On PC, you are on your own. Of course, the Don't Starve darkness and sanity were just brilliant. But why don't you see once modders get a hold of Minecraft, let's see what they can do. Heck, they can do anything. If you remember the Minecraft motto, if you can dream it, it can happen! (Or something like that.) Minecraft is the open world where you can blaze your own path. Again, Don't Starve is a wonderful game, but it needs a few years to mature enough to get past that small ravine it needs to get to Minecraft.

  • Yes, Minecraft is complicated.

    Yes, Minecraft is better than Don't Starve, because Minecraft is a lot more interesting. Don't Starve really doesn't go into that much depth. Minecraft is complicated, and there are many parts of it that make it interesting. Minecraft is also more mainstream, so it's easier to find other people that know of it.

  • As much as I enjoyed Don't starve, it is just too hard for me.

    The fact that there is just one level of difficulty, and when you die, you lose your progress, does not help its case either. You can't really have any storage in Don't starve to keep your things safe, which makes it less practical.
    Also, minecraft is mostly a creative game, along with some survival thrown in, which makes is better than Don't starve for people who just wants to relax.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Minecraft can be whatever the community wants

    The main reason I can solidly state minecraft is better would be modded community. For all of those who want to build there is Chisel, Decocraft, Bibbliocraft, Chisel & Bits. For those who want a difficult game there is Hunger Overhaul, Spice of Life, Rough Mobs, Hardcore Darkness, Zombie Awareness, Epic Siege, Tough as Nails. For a good looking game there are texture packs, better foliage, shaders like SEUS or Sonic Ether's Unbelivable Shaders, Dynamic Surroundings, Dynamic Lighting. Please Note this is not even the tip of the iceberg as there are so many good mods for whatever kind of game you, your family, and your friends could want. Even vanilla minecraft is amazing if you bother to put some effort into it. Custom command packs, playing with no natural regen in hardcore mod, terraforming entire biomes, or just building a cozy little hut in the way you want. If a building looks bad that is the builders fault aka look up "minecraft grian home" in youtube and LEARN how to build using the basics. Don't Starve is a great game but it just can not hold up to Minecraft.

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  • There is no argument don't starve is so much better

    "Minecraft has mods" "Minecraft has multiplayer" OPEN YOUR EYES! Don't starve together has all that and more! Minecraft's 2 bosses are on a new level of weak, The wither can be killed in under 10 seconds, And the ender dragon? You can kill it with a wooden sword! You just stand there dodging balls and then kill him when he flies into melee range like an idiot! You don't even need to destroy the crystals! Don't starve's bosses are actually a challenge! Even veterans like me and my friends have trouble with them! Look at deer clops! He comes in during winter and destroys EVERYTHING! He may be easy, But still, He can take a lot of preparation, And even then, The best you can have against him is an advantage, And nothing more!

  • Minecraft vs don't starve? Don't starve is better.

    All the commentd above me are just argumentum ad hominems. "Minecraft is better than don't starve because more ppl play minecraft!!" that's NOT a real argument, lol. Yh, what you do in minecraft is this: you wall in chickens, you feed 'em, you make farms for the food, you craft armor and a pickaxe to then find diamonds. You make diamond equip, then you enchant it. You farm stuff 24/7 then die to boredom.
    In ds you get yourself RoG and SW and you have unlimited FUN because there is SO much to explore. Don't starve isn't just a survival game, it's an adventure style thing too. And this strange combination is what makes ds so unique.

  • Don't Starve is MUCH better.

    Minecraft has its own qualities in the fact that it's casual, but Don't Starve is better. Don't Starve throws a lot of things at you; you can literally die from a monster in the dark, werepigs, and if you have low sanity, nightmares literally come and eat you. This makes it more fun because its more competitive; you're on the edge of your seat and you always have to do something to deal with hunger, sanity, health, etc. EVERYTHING tries to kill you, even frogs, and winter along with summer are EXTREMELY difficult to survive because you either freeze of overheat to death, a giant monster that freezes you and 2-shots you comes during winter, and everything catches on fire in the summer, whereas you can jack off in minecraft and do absolutely nothing and STILL survive. Because Don't Starve creates this "vibe" that you are always in danger, it is more exciting and fun.

  • Don't starve is better.

    It's just a fact, you can think that because of the redstone minecraft is better and i can agree, but it isn't, if minecraft was a strategy game I would get it but it is a survival game where it is almost impossible to die while playing, where in don't starve you can die in the first minute.

  • Don't Starve is awesome!

    Out of the 20% that agreed that Minecraft was better than Don't Starve, 15% can't even spell. Minecraft is a walk in the park. Hungry? Just kill that pig over there. Night? Just hide in your comfy dirt house. Don't Starve takes survival to a whole new level. Everything wants to kill you. Even the night wants to kill you, and if you don't watch your sanity prepare for shadow hands, shadow creatures and glowing white eyes in the distance. Yes, they all want to kill you.

  • Don't starve has more content.

    Minecraft is fun for the first 5 minutes,bul all you do after that is mine for hours,at some parts it's kinda fun,but it's mostly repetitive grinding.

    Don't starve offers much more exciting gameplay,and the fights actually offer challenge to them.
    There's a ton of depth and story to the game,and it has an amazing artstyle.

  • Don't Starve is better

    While Minecraft is a pretty neat game, I personally think Don't Starve is better. There's more backstory behind it, it's more challenging, and there are set characters to learn about and/or relate to. Minecraft also caters mostly toward a younger audience, which some people don't really want to get involved with.

  • Don`t Starve is a survival game as minecraft

    I`m Saying that minecraft is not better that dont starve, minecraft is fucking easy but dont starve is hard, in dont starve there are lots of adventures, unlock characters, all of characters have secret powers. In dont starve is Reign Of Giants, it means that there are giants, that you must kill to be still alive. Ok everybody know, that minecraft has village, but village is in dont starve too. You can make friend pigs in dont starve, that makes your survival easier, they will work for you and protect. Also they are poop producer. In dont starve there are more creatures, than minecraft. It has better graphic. Ok it has not lots of textures and 3D, but minecraft is worse. I think dont starve is better than minecraft. Its my Opinion. Im experienced player of Dont starve i played also minecraft and im experienced in that too. My Name is [Florexa] and its my Opinion in this DEBATE

  • Minecraft are 2 easy as fuck ! Don"t starve are 2 hard as hell !

    Minecraft : get in a 3 blocks hole with 64 piece of potatos and survive
    Don't starve : even if you feel safe in your camp ... Deerclops and dragonfly and beeager nad goosemooose and tigershark and hounds and bees and spiders and warrior spiders and tallbirds and tree guards and bee quen and moscitos and monkeys and fish and dark and shadows and rocks and bunnymens and spider quen and pigs and sun and snow and food and water will kick the shit out of your ass ! Dont starve are mush better with good story and good soundtrack and gameplay and graphics and price and dlcs and multiplayer ... Minecraft will be better good ... If mojang deleted THE FUCKING SURVIVAL MOD ! OH COME ONE ! WTF ARE YOU GONNA SURVIVE ! A ZOMBIE THAT CANT REACH YOU IF YOU START HITTING HIM !? FUCK OFF !

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